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    I'm geting old and I don't like the basement anymore. Moving up to the attic. A warning! If you are looking for a Hi Teck layout, don't look here. I'll be 62 in March and what I have is what I have. Old teck is fine with me.
    Still have some work in basement, but plaining starts now. This one will be alot like my old one. Built for running trains. Very few tunnels to run into. Can't see the trains inside them, so their won't be any. What good is it to do something you can't see. If it is there and moving I'll be able to see it. I Had four main lines each almost 60' long. Two high and to low. The trains ran very well. Very few derailments. I hope the new one runs as well. I will have less space in the attic. I haven't even measured it yet. All in good time. I have no reason to rush. Slow and steady.
    My locomotive and car roster is a good one. The PRR and CNJ domonate it. I have other roads including my own ANNA RR. Steam or diesel types are well represented. This has nothin to do with the layout, so.
    This layout will start out as a double mainline in a broken dog bone configeration. Access from three sides. The long back will be along the wall. Where the layout crosses a eave access opening removeable bridges will span the opening. This is my starting point. Two four foot long thirty inch wide four leged tables will stand on either side of the eave assess opening. A four track lift bridge with a removeable center span will connect them. All tables built from this starting point will only need two legs.
    So much for now.
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    Way to go, TopTrain! At our age we don't have years to sit and wait. We've got to get it done right now. I'm with you on remaining 'Old Tech.' I've noticed that 'Hi Tech' becomes 'Old Tech' very quickly, so I avoid shelling out good money to update my collection when it is apt to change again soon.

    Keep us posted on the progress of your layout. I hope that the attic isn't too warm for you in the summer months.

  3. tomustang

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    Good luck with the move of a couple feet up, is your attic going to be temp controlled or at least for the winter time?
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    Re new layout

    Guys the basement has that cool dampness that gets into you. It makes your joints sore like arthritis. A little extra summer warmth the attic gives may keep me more comfortable.
    As to the layout. I don't have the space I had in the basement. 17" 2" in length verses 23'. And that is wall to wall. The with is restrictive. 5' 8" on one end and 7' 6" on the other, I had 11'. Maybe I can add a foot to the with away from the tight end, but oh what weard shaped tables I'll have to make. If I run a pair of mainlines around the perimiter the tight end limits me to 28" radius outside and 26" inside.
    Well the weekend is here. I have a train show to go to in Dover NJ on sunday. Thanks for the good words.
    frank toptrain1
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    OK! here it is (forth try)

    Here I go again. The new layout is a shelf layout. A "Bordom Buster". It is 16' x 2'. It is made in two pieces eack 8' long and 2' wide. It is held together by 6, 1 x 5 boards 8' long. They stiffen and hold the boards together.

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    hey, toptrain1! lookin' good! (whatta ya mean yer gitten old??? I turned sixty-six last month!)I wish I had a nice place like that attic of yours, to run trains in! I can empathise with you on the damp basement, tho.
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    There is no "old tech". There is "mature modelling". :thumb:
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    That's the best way I've heard it put, "Mature modelling" for us non DCC modelers.
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    Original plan not working out at this time !

    As you can see from the original post quoted two messages previous, what I built is not what I hoped for. Since my first post a traffic problum has occured in my attic and the front room is beeing used again. I can't at this time block access, so the shelf layout was my alternative. It is off to the side.
    Now the next thing is a block control panel. Their are 13 blocks at this time with a addition of two more for a small addition. So 15 will be the number. I'de like to do it with small push on push off buttons, but i haven't found any at a reasionable price yet. $3 or more seam to be the norm. At that price it will be toggle switches. Again they need to be small in size and mounted in small round holes. Arround 3/16" to 1/4" . They only need 1 or 2 amps in electrical size. My favorite place All Electronics dose'nt have any at this time at a good price. I do have 15 DPDT toggles that are small but need to be mounted in a square hole. To use them will mean alot more work. This is something I'll think about.
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  11. Notorious PL

    Notorious PL Thanks Loather!!

    I enjoy my basement. It is cooler in the summer and a tad bit warmer in the fall, by winter time it is cool but a little bit of heat and it is all good
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    Nice start.
    I'm an attic dweller also. There was no room in the basement. Didn't have the length, (a concrete divider, split it in half).
    kinda hot in the summer, unless I model early in the morning, or at night.
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    Hay pop, does my sister know that you are running trains in her old room:mrgreen:? I'm sure that that she would complain about the new decorsign1. The basement celling is up :thumb:, I'll pick up some molding this weekend. Bench work will be under way by Christmas on the western division of the ANNA LINES.

    looks good ,get some drivers turning:wave:aussie.
  14. toptrain1

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    coming along

    I ordered some pushbutton switches for the block wireing on the layout. As it is, it has 13 blocks with 2 more comeing. I'm getting push on/push off type switches. No DCC here. This is a anolog layout.
  15. toptrain1

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    Good news!

    ataway boy!
  16. toptrain1

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    Stuff arrived

    My pushbuttons are here! Now to design a control board. I may be the only person with a 16' layout and a 20' control board.
  17. vsailor

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    62 is certainly NOT old!!!
  18. toptrain1

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    Thank you pal. My control panel is done. Now to wire it to layout.
  19. toptrain1

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    Block control is done.

    Yessirre ! I can run them from here to there and back again. Switches are still manual. I will change that. To much getting up and down.

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    Just passin thro

    Here ANNA RR 2-6-6-2 stops for orders at the station at Bayonne NJ's.Frankford yards
    Now it is joined By two others.

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