My name is earl, lol!! Hello from the UK

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by GT5500, Apr 23, 2006.

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  1. GT5500

    GT5500 Member

    Hi there everyone and thank you cardmodels, you're doing a great job guys, I have been crawling the net downloading any thing paper over the last couple of weeks, its the unemployment you see!. Just a bit of background I have been into card models since I was about 8 my first one was published by usbourne and was a wizards castle. Then I moved onto the ones published by parragon they used to be 99p from Tesco. Most were pretty bad, and boring they included a farm, flying aeroplanes, a castle and Stevenson's Rocket but they did do a Flying Scotsman which was awesome for the price. At a young age it was quite daunting but I did build it succsesfully and it was very realistic only let down by the glossy print they used. They also did a dogfight duo consisting a Spitfire and an ME109 these were also quite detailed and accurate for 99p and even had retracting undercarriages, I actually bought these again when I was a 13 and did a better job of building them. I am also into R/C cars and plastic modeling although I favour card as I am not very good at painting plastic models. I have also got a very interesting Titanic card model which, when finshed is about a metre long so I have not built it as I don't have anywhere to put it! besides its a very detailed build and will take me forever. So there you are thats me and now I have about 200 models on my hard drive and as soon as I get a new printer I am going to get building, by the way what type of paper do you guys use? Oh sorry my name is not earl it is Gautama, pleased to meet you all.
  2. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Greetings Earl!

    Hello Gautama and welcome to the forum,
    I had to through Earl in the title for a laugh.:grin:
    I know you will like it here, there are so many resources here for card modelers and if there is something you need to know and cannot find here, just ask.
    There are so many nice and helpful people here, you will not have to wait long for an answer.
    I too have a model of the Titanic. It is one of the first ones that I bought and have not built it for lack of space.
    I think the version I have is 53" long or almost 135 cm!
    My wife wants me to sell it, because "we don't have the room for it, so there is no sense in keeping it", she says.
    I just don't have the heart to get rid of it, just because I like it so much.
    Oh yeah, I use 110 lb card stock mostly (200gm) and also 67 lb (145gm).
    Sometimes I use glossy photo paper for things like F1 Race cars but not to often due to being so expensive.
    Anyway, Welcome and enjoy your stay here.:)
  3. GT5500

    GT5500 Member

    I have just had a look the Titanic I have is published by Taschen and comes in a book form. It cost me a bout £5 sterling, and is a waterline model it seems quite accurate and is 135cm long when complete so is very big. Thank you for your welcoming words I have founds lots on this forum already and hope to find out more. Oops I just realised that you said your Titanic was 135cm as well so it must be the same one I would think.
  4. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Yes mine is by Taschen as well. They must be the same. I payed $50 US for it though on E-Bay. There was a lot of people wanting it and the price just kept going up. Mine is the full Hull model with several pages about the history of the ship.
    What is your favorite category of paper models? Ships, Race cars, Space, Sci Fi etc.
  5. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    1912 was a bad year for the Icebergs...,

    Welcome to the Peaceful Farms Mental Health Association and International Assylum. We're a patient lot (cause that is what we are) and enjoy having someone else share in the joys of bending, folding and geneal mutilation of the cellulose fibre kind. Now that you've used the name of Earl you're stuck with it. Remember, Earl is on a cause from being enlightened through winning the Lottery and has to earn back his Karma by righting all of his former misdeeds (it's a kinda California thing). That you are a paper modeler indicates that you have a lot of misdeeded former models to make right..., Sometimes one of us does the impossible, actually puts a model together according to the instructions and it actually looks like the full sized subject. Imagine that! Have a good day and most of all a good time...,

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