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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Starship Builder, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Hello I am new to your froums and decided to create my first topic here soon ill post pictures of the models ive made. They are all Star Trek im not that intrested in other models yet. I have

    USS Reliant Sf Paper Craft
    USS Enterprise A Sfpaper Craft
    USS Stargazer Paper Aviation
    Crappy self made borg cube to (falling apart)

    And I am making an Enterprise D to from here

    also I would like to know were there are any Soverigion class models i have one but its complicated and anoter one i found is not very good i also have about 15 other ships to make including Voyager.

    Pictures Soon
  2. milenio3

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  3. Yeah thats the one ive got but ive only just started models and that ones very complicated
  4. milenio3

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    Welcome to the fold Starship! That particular genre should keep you busy for quite some time :)
  6. thanks for the links and the welcome and it is keeping me busy
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    Hey, do you want some good graphics for a Borg Cube? I've got some somewhere on my computer. . . PM me if you're interested. It's like the First Contact Cube.
  8. ok since smartgroups has gone i cant get alot of paper models ao dose anyone know were i can get the model hypospray
  9. OK i found my camera and ill be getting pictures up by the week end and also mt enterprise model got squashed so i have to start again ill also show progress of the nebula class USS sutherland wich i started yesterday. and my models arent the best remember cos i just started recently. the only other models ive built are for the model railway so ill have them soon after the camera has charged
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    No rules here regarding the self perceived quality of your builds, or they would have kicked me out a long time ago!!! ;)

    Shoot 'em and post 'em. I've been a Star Trek fan for as long as I can remember, and would love to see your builds....
  11. ok ive finnaly got my camera working and i will be getting pics soon guys i only have a few modles because i have been into resin kits latley ill show a pic of one of them to so ill have them up befor the nights end thats uk time
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    im sure you have chalupa's voyager, but there will be another one out soon:mrgreen: you might also whant to check out the delta flyer in the downloads.
  13. ive got voyager in my draw partially built as well as lots of other models i need to finish but im also going to post the tel tac progress when i start it pics in about 15 minutes guys and your dela flyer is on my list
  14. Ok here we go guys i have a few models sorry for the lighting damn downlighters the borg cube was self made and the easiest

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  15. and...... ohh the models on the shelf are the corgi ones and then a polar lights d-7 the phaser is from newmoonprops

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  16. finnaly this is skips bridge and my pats bin

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    is the vulcan shuttle a paper model? if so were did you get the textured version?
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    great thanks. ill have to check it out later. wifes nagging me to give the computer back to her.
  19. no problem lol hope you enjoy the build

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