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    Continuing the display my work, I present the ships of the series of the anthological games of PC Wing Commander now. I am a fâ of the series from the beginning of the nineties and the project of doing the ships of the games was a long stopped time for lack of information, with the coming of the pepakura little by little I am accomplishing this desire, all of the models are in the scale 1/200 some of them accomplished scratchs putting interiors, landing gear and canopys of transparent plastic. Good we are going the pictures... :twisted:


    Confederation Vampire (Wing Commander Prophecy)

    Kilrath Jrathek (Wing Commander II)


    Confederation Rapier II (Wing Commander II)

    Confederation Sabre (Wing Commander II)


    Kilrath Jalthi (Wing Commander I)

    Kilrath Dralthi (Wing Commander I)


    SWACS/AEW SR-51 Seahawk (Wing Commander Prophecy)


    A-17 Broadsword (Wingcommander II/Privatter)

    More information and pictures im my blog:


    Thank you and bye!:grin:
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    Very very cool! Nice work, great subjects, thanks for displaying them!
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    Very Thank's

    I have many models of the series Wing Commander still to do. At this time I am working in Dralthi 7, in Hornet and in Dorkhati. :wink:

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