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Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by paper_dude, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. paper_dude

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    I have built several paper models, that are quite small. They are APC's, helicopters, tanks, and small footsoldiers.

    I'm using them to play a small wargame (in a 4' x 8' area). The problem I'm having is, the wind keeps pushing my models around. Even a fast movement by the table and soldier's will collapse and die.

    I've put pennies under and inside some of the larger models to weigh them down. I don't really like that option though. It doesn't work well for my soldiers, either, with thier small base.

    Can anyone give me thier thoughts on an inexpensive way of weighting my models (improvised, storebought, or otherwise)?

  2. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    The small size and minimum amount of disturbance to upset them is the root of your problems.

    Unless you magnetically keep them in place. Your not going to beat the basic laws of physics. If a weight is not working then sheets of tin under a thin playmat and the purchase of thin magnetic sign material will make them 'stick' down better.

    If your adamant about the models being fixed in place them you could get squares of tin cut to 10"x10". Print out underlining terrain (Use a sturdy paper on laser for clear artwork) to fit and keep a stock of tin terrain grids to spread out on the table. For hills you can purchase styrofoam and cut to whatever shape desired as long as it's topped with a tin surface and a paper cover.

    All miniatures would then be mounted on magnetic sign material with generic base sizes as per game rules. ex ( 1/72 would require a 1/4"x1/4" base for individual infantry, armor would require a 2"x3" base and aircraft would require a 4"x4" base where all line of sight is traced from point to point with the line touching the base of the equipment).

    If a 1/72 scale figure is not kept in place by a 1/4" square magnet then there is no possible way to keep figures on the table.

    As a former table top battletech player. Playing on a Geohex setup with lead figs may seem fun but it's not uncommon for a slight bump to knock over trees and figs on the table. Only properly based items will remain standing.
  3. B-Manic

    B-Manic Peripheral Visionary

    You could fill them with sterile sand from a gardening shop or small lead shot . . . just an idea :)
  4. cjd

    cjd Member

    try fishing lead shot, for the models capable of taking weight inside. for the others, white metal could easily be made into bases

  5. nebeltex

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    buildings can be weighted with stones or brick, even wood blocks (how H.G.W. did it). i have slotted some of the turret rings for my tanks and inserted coins. one plane, the photo shown on my site (Hs 126B), the aircraft is heavily weighted with coin and set in a windy environment. the propeller is turning but the plane stayed still so it looks like it is warming up. you may be able to obtain small STEEL washers and magnetize them yourself, though the stick on stuff is getting fairly inexpensive these days.... 1/72 is a fine scale!
  6. paper_dude

    paper_dude New Member

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions; I didn't get an email notification for responses (hotmail junkmail filtering?) so I didn't remember to check back here.

    Good to hear from a former table-top gamer (I was into Warhammer 40k). The game I use is simple and fast-paced. We avoid use of complex rule additions to keep the game moving along. Extra measurements, absolute precision, etc, are all no-no's.

    I am still using pennies, but the magnet idea sounds great. I will look into getting a regular local supplier of tin sheets and magnetic sign material. Cost and ease of purchase are a major factor. I live in Thailand so it will likely take some hunting. Nothing is easy to find here - even for people who speak Thai!

    -that idea rocks - kudos!

    I will also look into steel washers - there might be anough weight in them and available in a small enough size to fit properly.

    'The stick on stuff?'

    Thanks again for all the suggestions!

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