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    Flextrack connects directly to Atlas snap-track as long as it is the same gauge. The main problem I see is that for that curve where you want to use flex-track, you have what is known as an "S-curve" where two curves go in opposite directions to each other, forming a loose "S" shape. This is where derailments are likely to happen, because when a train passes through an S-curve, the first car passing through the curve goes one way and the next car goes the other way. If these curves are broad, the effect is minimized but with sharp curves it can be a real bear. Placing a straight section or otherwse finding a way to avoid putting opposite curves next to each other will save you a lot of tracklaying grief.

    The other thing I notice is that the two tracks on the left side of the layout run parallel, but the left-hand track rises. There is only a little bit of horizontal space between the two tracks, so you'll have to build a long, straight retaining wall between them instead of putting scenery or other ways to make those two tracks seem farther apart. It's not really a design problem, more of an aesthetic one.

    A possible way to solve both problems at once: Add a gentle curve to the right-hand track so instead of running along the back of the layout, it gradually crosses over to the right and becomes part of a broad curve that runs across the layout and to the lower track level on the other side of the layout. I have attached a small pic showing what I mean--the red line is my suggested rerouting.

    I noticed you took the yard out of this latest plan--if you're putting in a yard, the single spur on this track plan might be a good place for a main ladder track (the track where the other yard tracks emerge.)

    Oh yeah, about flextrack: It takes a little getting used to, and I'd suggest trying things with snap-track first, but flextrack is pretty easy to deal with. There are a lot of things you can do with flextrack that just can't be done with snap-track...

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    I like the bottom one the best. It goes together alittle better then the top one. More structured.
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