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    Have any shots of the cemetery? I'd like to incorporate one into my layout when I get to that point in time of adding details
  2. Thanks Miles... unfortunatley my HO layout is in mothballs:cry: My 10 year old son saw to it that Mr. Christmas brought me some Lionel and K-Line equiptment.So at this point we are working on an O-Guage layout.It is fun but for some reason I find that modeling in HO is much more rewarding.
    Viper...The cemetery is a woodland scenics mini scene,very high quality and fun.

    Here are a couple of shots of the cemetery and a final favorite of the Single file sisters and the sisters on scooterssign1

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    Like everyone else said, the streets are awesome. How did you make them. Am new to the hobby and any wisdom you can give would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks again,It was really very simple.First I cut a piece of thin foamcore and glued it to a piece of masonite.I then cut the "sandwich" to the size that I wanted my town.I then spray painted the entire surface with very cheap flat gray paint from dollar general.I then took some 8.5 x11 gray foam sheetsfrom the craft store and cut the general shape of the sidewalks.After deciding that I liked the layout of the walks I cut the strips into squares and glued them down.This obviously created the streets.At this point what I had was the entire foamcore foundation and the sidewalks.I then used a white sharpie and straight edge to "paint"my crosswalks and center lines.Then I cut small rectangles at various points as storm sewers an stuck little rolls of screen in them.I took an HO scale care and wet the wheels as I rolled it around the streets to get an idea of the traffic pattern.I then used an extremely dry brush with black acrylic craft paint and rubbed it where the tires would leave their rubber and filth.I then took a picture of a street in Cincinnat that had a bunch if cracks and tar patches and basicly recreated the patterns with a black sharpie.After this I again used the dry acrylic brush to stain the sidewalks and put a pattern of dirt along the gutter making sure to well it up around the sewers.while the paint was still wet along the gutters I dropped some sawdust and scenic grass, groundfoam the streets and blew it up the streets leaving trash and weeds in the gutters and sidewalk cracks.The entire process didn't take much longer than it took to write this replysign1
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    Really really good looking!
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    Your city scenes are really looking good, and your streets are phantastic. Thanks for sharing.
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    GREAT stuff !!! I dig the nuns on Vespas.Gotta have humour in there someplace

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