My little "Silverbirds"

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by agrarflieger, Feb 28, 2007.

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    Looks like we have another paper master amongst us!
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    Of course - I didn´t think of that. That could well have been the reason for landing on grass.

    Bengt :D
  4. Very impressive work. I too have worked with this paper and while it is better than nothing, I feel it lacks the realism I have been shooting for. I would like to find a real metal paper that looks like polished aluminum or as the Brits say "Aluminium". Anyone know where we might find such a product?
  5. Gil

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    "The Grateful Dead"

    Dead Heads Unite for Air Superiority:

    "On October 11, 2006, the first aircraft was christened Jefferson Airplane after the San Francisco band. Former lead singer Grace Slick christened the plane along with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger."

    During the ceremony Slick quipped, "It's like Grateful Dead would have a bad name for an airplane"....,

  6. Bengt F

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    Silver Ink Jet Paper

    Hi agrarflieger,

    Very impressive little plane models, built with care and precision, it seems.
    I am especially fond of the two An-2´s
    Could you tell us what the name or brand of this silver paper is?
    I couldn´t make the link work . . .

    Thank you.
    Bengt :thumb:
  7. agrarflieger

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    Hi Bengt Freden,
    Ok, here is the new link

    best regards
  8. Metalic Film

    I found this site a few years ago. I have not tried it but it is supposed to be a mirror type finish. Scroll down to mid page for this film. if any of you try it let me know. it is a bit too pricy for me.

    Speciality inkjet paper and film
  9. Bengt F

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    URSUS Silver Ink Jet Paper

    Vielen Dank, agrarflieger,

    I got it now. Did you cut the 50 x 70 cm sheets down to A4 or A3, before you put them in the ink jet printer?

    Bengt :thumb:
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    You have done a great job with these aerplanes. And the silver paper technique. I hope to see more soon.
  11. agrarflieger

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    Hi Bengt,
    yes, I cut it down to A4 (nearly A4, then the outcoming is 5 sheets).
    good printing results I got also with a color-laser-printer.

    best regards
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    im gonna try n get some of that paper here in the u.k. ive got a big art shop near me in southend on sea ill try there this week as im down there with work.
  13. Lex

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    Beautiful is the word!!
  14. You obviously have the ability to re-design the models to substitute white areas where needed. I don't have the computer skills to do that. So for us dummies here is another method.

    I did some building with the silver paper. I found that the colors are very muted. So, what I did was use white paper for the colored portions and apply like decals. Where possible I used an ink marker to blacken the blacks using 3-m art tape as a mask for straight lines. This enhanced the black. It is a lot of extra work but the results can be worth it if you want a truly vivid model. I haven't any to show you because I sold them all on E-bay. Maybe I can go back and find my old add pics.

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