My Little Ponies-My first automaton design

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    Well, this is technically a thread about a My Little Pony model that I'm doing; something which I don't normally write about outside of the Brony community. But, considering that this also counts as an automaton - and the first design that I've ever attempted - I guess this could be significant enough for its own build thread.

    Anyways, what I plan to do is a simple piston-cam model that's based on a strangely-disturbing pony that can be seen at around the 53-second mark here:

    So, since it's a cam-based automaton, it'll obviously just be that pony bobbing up and down out of his jar of jelly.

    I pretty much have the entire piece drawn up, save for instructions and other minor details.

    Here's a rough sketch of the mechanism that I worked off of:

    The cam mechanism:

    and a rather-uncreative housing:
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    Big mistake! There are many modelers interested in little ponies. Make a thread tittled "Little ponies", start it with pics and links for your already made ones, and post there your new developements in the world of ponies.

    Clever moving stuff :)
  3. RocketmanTan

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  4. Zathros

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    I hope you don't mind that I changed the name to reflect the subject matter, so others may find it easier. If you don't like, I'll change it back, or to whatever you wish. :)
  5. RocketmanTan

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    I've got no quarrels with it :cool:
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    This is too funny and VERY clever! I wish that I were more mechanically (engineering wise) inclined. A simple cam design would never have occurred to me for this. I would have over thought it to an enormous degree then given up.

    Hmmmm . . . I think my wife and daughter might like this, maybe I'll make one for each of them.
  7. Zathros

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    It really is "super-freakin'-cute". I have to admit it. I love automatons, and there are not enough in paper. You continue with these, you will develop an even more massive following. Let's see one running! Or bobbing and Chewing grass. Even copulating........wait...........whew...................I thought I posted that!tooth1

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