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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by cjwalas, Jan 29, 2007.

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    Hmm, somehow I don't think I'm ready to form fulll canopies. I've done a lot of vacuumn- forming but I just don't have the time for it yet. But thanks for the links! I decided to build the existing canopy as supplied, using some old cellophane for glazing.

    Well, it's done; not that it's done well!:twisted:
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    The canopy was a major effort and very frustrating. I don't think I know the right material or glue to use for this procedure!
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    I'm happy with the way this one turned out, given the caveat that it was a test! The basic construction went well overall, I certainly learned a lot and spotted a few areas where I need work.:razz:

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    I like the look of this model and I plan on doing one for real (either the original kit or a Hi-res scan). But I suspect I'll change subject for the next model so I don't go stale on Stukas!

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    I had a lot of fun doing this one and I look forward to learning more tricks and techniques from the rest of you!

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    If thats not done well then my stuff REALLY sucks.... awesome job :)
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    Great job, Chris! Canopy looks good! Can't wait to see what's up next!!:twisted:

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    I second that emotion.:grin:
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    If thats not done well......


    Excellent job

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    Looks excellant! If this is your learning stuka, can't wait to see your thesis bird! Good job!
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    My second complex paper model aircraft was a Maly Modelarz Stuka. I, too, glazed the canopy with cellophane. Yours looks better. I like the Maly kit and one of these days I need to redo that canopy. (It's on my short list of a gazillion things to build.)

    My first complex aircraft kit was GPM's An-2 Colt. Four or five years later (I've lost track), it still looks good to me. That's a compliment to GPM, not to me. It's a nice kit. Maybe I'll do that one again, but change the color scheme.:razz:

    Nice work, Chris. Keep on snippin'.

    No worries,
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    Thanks, everyone. But the photos really do hide a multitude of sins and the angles were carefully chosen. And I never mentioned my brilliant attempt at dulling the glue spots; I sprayed some matte finish on it but it was the bottom of the can and the Stuka wound up looking like it had a heavy frost on it! It's got three coats of Crystal clear on it now to counteract the "effect".
    But I really did have a good time with this one, which is a good thing as the previous plane model I did was very unsatisfying and if this one wasn't a positive experience, I think I would have walked away from paper models for a while. As it is now, I'm ready to attack that stack of kits I've accumulated over the years!
    David, how was that Maly Stuka to build? It's on my short list of future projects.
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    It was only my second aircraft model but I remember it as going together pretty much as advertised and the finished product still looks pretty good to me. It's the tank-buster version, which is nice. The artwork and paper are transitional MM--no wood chips but not up to their present standards--which have gotten pretty high. GPM has a nice-looking Stuka in Winter camouflage. I have that kit and the artwork looks great, but I haven't built it. From what I can remember (no major problems), I'd say the MM Stuka would be another good learning kit.

    Eventually, you'll run out of Stukas and you'll have to build something else. That's always a tough leap to make but we'll help you through it. That's what we're here for.:-D

    No worries,
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    Chris this has come out VERY nicely! We not only hope, but REQUIRE :) you to dig into that stack and continue! Great photography as well!

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    Thanks again. I know I've got some serious " gettin' serious" to do with my modeling, but this test has convinced me I can do it. My main issue is my own impatience! As far as the canopies go, I'm thinking if I form them first and varnish or CA glue them into a more rigid form, gluing the clear plastic will be easier? This one was like trying to do surgery on a jellyfish!
    Billy, I had heard those canopies were available, but I think they are only for the D version Stuka. I am planning on that one, but not till I do a few simpler ones. Come to think of it, I do have an earlier GPM D version, though. I should check them one against another and see if they measure out the same! Hhhhmm, this is sounding like my next Stuka!
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    Darn good looking plane and excellent craftsmanship. Kudos on seeing the project through to the end! The canopy looks hard and you made a great job of it.
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    That's a really good job - you haven't lost the knack.

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    Nice Build!

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    Five Gold Stars and a Four Atta Boy salute. Finishing your first model builds confidence to tackle the next one, and the next, and the next...,


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