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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Denyons, Feb 3, 2007.

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    No More Dust

    Hi Jim, you can put a plastic dustbin bag over the area with water- or news paper for smaller areas, they are both light but will do a great job of keeping the dust off, also once the layout is finished- or rather in an operating state- you can put plastic bags around the whole layout to keep dust to a minimum since dust unfortunately doesn't fall to scale on layouts. :wave:
  2. Jim Krause

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    Denyons: Meant to ask. What part of Alberta is your seaport in???? Back in the days of steamboats here on Flathead Lake, Polson used to be called the largest seaport in Montana:wave:
    Thanks to all for the info on waterizing the layout. I'll do some experimenting while waiting for warm enough weather to do the actual thing on the club layout. Unheated building, so spring is work time, before the museum opens.
  3. Denyons

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  4. RailRon

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    Do you really use MATTE medium? I always thought that one should use acrylic GLOSS medium to model water - and from your pictures the water surface looks shiny and not flat, like the designation "matte medium" suggests. Could you enlighten me a bit about this? I'm just curious... :confused:

    This is no criticism at all - on the contrary! I admire your harbor scene and the water looks great. I also love the color of the typical dirty, murky water in your port basin.

    Oh, and BTW: Your mountain scenery is really marvelous - for once not only a little mole hill stashed away in a corner. :D Super layout - congratulations! :thumb:

  5. Denyons

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    Hi Ron, You are correct .... You can use either Gloss Medium or Matte Medium. I chose Matte....It shows up fairly shiny because of my halogen lights shining on it..
    I would think that water would show up different depending on the day...Cloudy or Sunny.
    That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!!!!!!! LOL
  6. ahawkscry

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    Great layout! Maybe someday I will have the room to build something like that. Where did you purchase your Bulkhead Loads on your Bulkhead Cars that in the picture on the penuisulia?
    Thanks alot, Rob Webb

  7. Denyons

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  8. ahawkscry

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    Yes That would be great! I want to put some type of wrapped wood load on my Bulkhead Flat Cars. Just whenever you get a chance, just email the scans to me at: ahawkscry at . The at means @. This saves me from spam and junk mail. Thanks alot. Rob Webb
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    Looks great, as far as the DigiTrax system goes, I would go with the Chief. It has way more features that you might think you will need right now, but believe me, as you get more and more locomotives and start mixing different brands with each other, lots of those features will be very handy!
    Keep the pictures coming!
  10. Denyons

    Denyons Member

    Rethinking about the Digitrax Zephyr Mike and will start looking for a Chief.
    I already own a DT400 throttle
    Still working away on my layout, mostly with detailing although I still have a few areas of scenery to finish.
    I would like to scrap all the trees on the Canyon modules and make new ones but it will come a little later.

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  11. ahawkscry

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    Hi Dennis,
    I just wanted to say thank you for the lumberload scans. They helped alot. Your layout looks great. Alot of detail on there. I love your mountains. Everything looks great. Keep up that great work. Just to let you know. If you do plan to scrap all those trees on the mountains. I would buy them from you if you are serious. Have a great day dennis. Until next time. From Rob Webb
  12. Denyons

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    Hi Rob,
    Glad the lumber loads Email came through OK. It is easy to make them up if you can cut up some small blocks of wood.
    Yes, I will be stripping all those trees off my layout as I want to make a much more realistic tree.
    I will keep you in mind when it happens.

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  13. luigi

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    Awesome layout dennis. It's nice to see someone so close to home. I'm from Fort Saskatchewan, bout 15-20 minutes from you. I'm just getting into n scale and I am working on my layout plans and stuff. Keep up the great work layout looks great.
  14. Denyons

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    Hi Luigi, Thanks for the comments.
    If you are just starting in N Scale you should join my club The Edmonton N Scalers at Londonderry Mall. You will learn a lot in a club and we are always looking for new members.
    Another couple of photos of the canyon on my layout. I will eventually make fast flowing water for the river bed.

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  15. jesso

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    Wow! Your layout is incredible! I love everything, your mountains, your trestle bridge, your harbor. It all looks great.
  16. Boilerman

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    The photos and your layout are outstanding:thumb:
  17. Denyons

    Denyons Member

    I am looking for a large warehouse kit that would fit at the end of the docks.
    Anyone have any ideas.

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  18. Denyons

    Denyons Member

    I am working on the Canyon river bed....adding water.
    Also working on a small lake.
    I have painted the river bed and the lake with a mix of dollar store acrylics, light green plus blue and a touch of black. I am trying to copy the colour we have in Alberta's Rockies.
    My next step will be adding the Gloss Gel Medium as I want to make the river fast flowing.
    The lake will have a few ripples.

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  19. Denyons

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    NAZGUL was asking for my layout plan some time ago and after several poor attempts at doing it with a Cad Program I gave up and drew it myself.
    I have double track all around the layout.
    Looking at the yard area, Main Line 1 is at the top and Main Line 2 is below it.
    At the moment it is all Analog but I intend making Main 2 Digital and Main 1 will be switchable between Analog and Digital to give me the oppotunity to run many of my locos that cannot accept a decoder.

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  20. Mrplow123

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    That is a very nice track plan. I already had my heart set on building my new layout ike yours, with the 3 peninsulas, but without conecting the furthest 2 peninsulas together. So I would end up with a W shaped layout. But now that I have seen your layout, I think I want to connect the 2 farthest peninsulas together. What are you layouts dimensions? Overall size? The length and width of each peninsula? And the space between each peninsula? I have been granted permission to go bigger on my layout, but unless I can find a good usable way of doing it, I will just go with the design I have. I don't want to build bigger just to build bigger. I want to build bigger for a purpose. Thanks in advance.

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