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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by JoeGrapes, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. JoeGrapes

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    Well, I finished the trackwork and the trains are running so I thought I'd post some pics of what I've done so far.There in the gallery under JoeGrapes O gauge layout. I hope I did it right. Since it's in a finished basment room I didn't want to take up space so I went with a shelf layout with two main lines. Now I'm working on the tunnel faces and the landscapeing.
  2. Brutus

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    I'm dumb on this site and can't find them - can you post an actual link?
  3. riverotter

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    It's the Old Kibitzer here: At the top of the page, click on the "Gallery" link, then search for JoeGrapes O Gauge Layout. The pics I found were of train tracks suspended from the ceiling ... which is useful to me because that's about the only place I'll ever have room to build an O scale layout.
    Hope that helps.
  4. tetters

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  5. JoeGrapes

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    I'm glad you guys found them. I've never put pics on here before. If there is a way to do another way please let me know. The layout is mounted to the wall all around the room about 65" from the floor. The only part suspended from the ceiling is the bridge sections that you walk under. I need to take some close up pics. I tried to take pic that would show kind osf an over view of the layout.
  6. Brutus

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    Nice! I really like that a lot, Joe - ubercool!
  7. wrmcclellan

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    That is one of the nicer shelf layouts I have seen. I esp like the spirals through the corners! Very clever and a nice visual feature!

  8. nkp174

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    Excellent, efficient use of space and taking advantage of the larger scale.
  9. Geno

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    Nice work- is the curve coming out of the corner part of a helix? Looks like it's part of a transition grade.

  10. kpolak

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    Joe, the Helix is the best! Did you install threaded rod into the ceiling grid?
  11. JoeGrapes

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    Thanks everyone for the great comments. I put some better pics in the gallery but my comments for each pic didn't seem to go in. It's not a helix. The are two main lines. The upper main line starts at level grade along the wall and going up a 3% grade. It then goes over 4 old Marx train bridges suspended from the ceiling 73 1/2" from the floor by old bicycle spokes to allow people to walk under. Then goes down a 3% grade into a tunnel and thru the back of a closet and out a tunnel back to level grade. It's a big circle with 80 feet of track and 072 curves at the corners. The lower main line runs parallel to the upper one all the way around. But instead of going over the bridge, which it can't since it's level and about 65" from the floor, the track uses 031 curves at each end of sort of a dog bone and goes under the upper main line, into tunnels at each end and thru closets and then back out to run along the wall and parallel to the upper main line. Wow! I hope I explained that right,lol. I can run a freight train and a passenger at the same time. Now I'm working on screnery with backdrops along the walls.
  12. Herc Driver

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    Nice pictures and layout!

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