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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Mastiffdog, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. Mastiffdog

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    Well, I have asked too many questions, and since it's Thanksgiving I thought I'd share my progress on the layout. I started it in May 2003. I used code 83 and code 70 Shinohara and 7 #6 and 1 #4 turnout onto a siding. My rail is spiked into true-scale pine roadbed ontop of 1/2" ply subroadbed. I used all Tortoise motors in conjunction with DS44 Stationary Digitrax decoders so that I can throw or close all turnouts on my handheld unit (this is fun!). My train room is 12x12 and the layout is 8x8 and I am planning coming off with a 2 1/2 by 10' "L" for more industries and turnouts.

    So, here's the photos!
  2. Mastiffdog

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    Layout Photo 1

    It's in a horse tack room. At least I don't have to feed it.

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  3. Mastiffdog

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    Layout Photo 2

    Here's some more ...

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  4. Mastiffdog

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    Layout Photo 3

    I welcome your constructive criticism.

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  5. Mastiffdog

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    Layout Photo 4

    A tortoise ... well worth the extra work to install!

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  6. Mastiffdog

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    Layout Photo 5

    I used "edge connectors" on my switch machines to make soldering and troubleshooting a breeze ...

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  7. Mastiffdog

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    Layout Photo 6

    They disconnect so you can solder your leads on the bench rather than to the Tortoise itself. Much easier.

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    Layout Photo 7

    Getting ready to weather rails now ...

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  9. Mastiffdog

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    Layout Photo 8

    Track is solid and trains run great - using a Athearn Genesis USRA 2-8-2 for testing. Steam gives you the best feedback on track quality. I recommend making sure of this before moving on.

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  10. Mastiffdog

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    Layout Photo 9

    For my rail power I am using the Digitrax Empire Builder. The last photo - thanks!

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  11. Clerk

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    This is one great layout mastiffdog. Would love to see progress photos as you go along.
  12. Great looking work there, Mastiffdog. I can tell you've put a lot of effort into making it right. That benchwork looks very well done.
  13. grlakeslogger

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    Lookin' good!!! Please keep the progress photos coming. It looks like you are quite a craftsman--a pleasure to see what you've posted so far.
  14. Mastiffdog

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    Wish I were ...

    This is my first HO layout, so I really appreciate the kind words from all of you so far. Hardly a craftsman! The only other layout I have done was N scale on a 4x8 board using Atlas sectional and DC power. I lost interest because it was single dimensional and using all of the Atlas buttons and sliders was confusing. DCC is alot easier once you adopt and understand the basic concepts.

    I really enjoy buidling the joist and riser benchwork. It fun to change elevations. I will use the cardboard strips and plaster towel method (Dave Frarry's Book) to start the scenary. Last night I was experimenting with weathering the track. I used "roof brown", "rail brown", flat gray, and flat black (very sparingly). I thought I would have to mask the tops of the rails, but I was able to wipe of the paint off the tops.

    I am new to weathering the Shinohara turnouts, would any one be willing to step me through the process so I don't paint my turnouts to the point of non-function?


  15. belg

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    Hey Dog I think the benchwork and track look great. But I think the comment you made about not having to feed it was a little off, I'm thinking in the long run you'll pay more for all your RR stuff then you would to feed a horse. That's kind of like saying you'll never pay for sex once you get married. Master Card Visa American Express ring any bells?????
  16. shamus

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    Hiya my friend,
    I like the benchwork and trackwork very much, it sure looks as if it's going to be a busy railroad.
  17. Flangehead

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    Looks like fun!
    I'll be looking forward to more pics as the layout progresses. Great idea on the connectors, I wish I had done that. Too late now, but I will replace the connectors whenever I work on a machine. I'm surprised I've never burned myself with falling solder when working under the layout. I call working under the benchwork " Making A Run To Stiphnech City".
  18. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    That's an impressive looking layout Dog.

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