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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by b28_82, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Chris Beard

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    Thanks for the e-mail address. I will send you some pictures soon of the harbor.
  2. b28_82

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    So it's been a while since I've posted pics on this thread. I realized that it's been about a year, in fact. Well here's the latest...





    This shows where I had to move a support out so I could mount a switch machine or two under the turnouts.

    That's it for now. I'll post more progress as it happens.
  3. riverotter

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    Have you considered a more modular approach -- to make dismantling and moving easier? For example, David Barrow's "Domino" construction techniques have fit the bill for a lot of people who move fairly frequently.
  4. b28_82

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    The industrial area is designed so i can split it in half. And it's been fitted with dowel rods so i can mate it up exactly how it is right now. I've been keeping the tear down in mind when placing turnouts and curves so i can just cut the rails unscrew and go.
  5. b28 82 what is the size of your layout and the minimum radius?I like what I see,Love those auto racks. Steve Church Milwaukee Road Iowa Division
  6. b28_82

    b28_82 Member

    On the inner main the minimum radius is about 26" give or take a half inch or so. It's one of those things where whatever the curve ended up being after aligning the bridge is what it was. In the same place the minimum on the outer main is probably 28" or 29" I didn't want to go less than 26" because of the autoracks, but there's always compromise.
  7. I don't currently have a layout but hopefully the wife and I can move later this year to a house we can rent with a basement,I am looking to do a layout about 14'x14' or 16'x16'.I originally wanted the layout 24'z24' but that would be a pretty big size and a lot of maintenance.I would like to use 30" radius for the mainline because I live auto racks also and was told 26" or 28' radius would not be large enough as I also run piggyback flats along with cars 35'3' to 60'.I would use Athearn RTR SD40-2's and the Athearn Genesis MP15AC's and 2 PK 2 GP38-2's for power on the layout. I model the Milwaukee Road from Perry,Iowa to Savanna,Illinois from 1979-1980 at the time of the Iowa Division shutdown.I would like to have a double ended yard 8 tracks with 3 tracks on each side and 4 spurs double ended for switching,I would have about 75 cars on the layout with 4 bay window cabooses,4 SD40-2's and 4 MP15AC's.I like the way your layout is coming a nice simple design.If I can get by with 26" or 28' radius for the mainline I will use that for the mainline,I was just told that 30" radius would work better. Steve Church Milwaukee Road Iowa Division:thumb:
  8. b28_82

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    26 and 28 will work but it doesn't look all that great. I had a cab forward running on the inner main and it looked bad but didn't have any problems. The recommendation on 30 would be something to shoot for but having 26 on accident wouldn't be a show stopper.
  9. b28 82,I have decided t use 30" radius for the mainline. i live in Oskaloosa,Iowa,do you live in Fort Dodge,Iowa? I was born in Fort Dodge,Iowa. The wife and I hope to rent a house later this year,I still trying
    to get my disability as I am unable to work due to back problems.I would run 25 to 30 car trains on the layout,but I don't know if 16'x16' would be large enough yo run 2 or 3 auto racks.piggyback flats and cars from 35'3" to 60'. So I figured I would have to increase the layout to 18'z18' or 20'x20',I am thinking 20'x20' would work. Steve Church Milwaukee Road Iowa Division
  10. Triplex

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    30 cars - of what size? If those are the autoracks or piggyback flats, each car is a foot long, and I wouldn't try that on a layout less than 30' long.
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    Looks good. I'd love to see more on how the hinge works for the tracwork that sits in front of the doorway.
  12. b28_82

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    I got to looking at the pictures i did take of the swing bridge and here's the link to what I have....

    I posted most of the pics on there. I will have to give you more details. I also have a picture of something from a prior MR issue that i used as a reference.

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  13. MadHatter

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    Wow!, coming along nicely!
  14. b28_82

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    About 2 weeks ago I installed the tortoises I had on hand and after the scotch lock nightmare I had my first crossover operating. The two wire ones are fine but those friggin 3 wire ones just didn't want to make continuity!! I managed to get a couple shots of that progress 2 weeks later because my camera had to be fixed which ended up being free because of a manufacture defect Canon recognized.


    I received my ebay win from ebay so I installed a tortoise on my other crossover using this technique I saw in an article some place.

    Front view

    Side view

    This took some figuring out how to get the top of the quick clamp to go through the level but it works quite nicely because as you tighten the clamp it moves the level up and you press against the switch machine just enough so you can still make adjustments.

  15. Jake,The layout is coming along nicely,great work.
  16. b28_82

    b28_82 Member

    Thanks!! More to follow!!
  17. railroad guy

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    Jake, I've got a great new tool for installing those nasty tortoise switch motors. It works great everytime I use it and I can have eight installed in less than an hour baring any wireing. If you want one just send me a private note.

  18. Russ Bellinis

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    That layout looks good!

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