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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by trainmasta13601, Sep 25, 2003.

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    I just ordered 2 of the SD45 painted shells from Kato, they are only $15! I'm going to find some cheap SD40's and swap the shells, after I paint them of course! Thet are one of my favourite locomotives. :cool:
  2. well at this one site the SD45 made by kato was the second best loco they sell :D it can hual 31 cars on a flat surface thats more then the Dash 9 or some other very cool locos it also is a very slow running loco and is not a jackrabbit
  3. here is a photo update the yard is nto even started that is just a goofing around thing till i get my turnouts for it all but the main line is basecly done and all the kinks are out of it

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    It's fun to get trains running EH! trainmasta13601
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    It's great to get them running, even if it's just a simple oval. Well done! :)
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    Havin' fun now,
    Good to see trains running.
    Good job and keep us posted on your progress.

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