My Future Milwaukee Road Iowa Division Layout

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by stevechurch2222, Mar 8, 2008.

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    Steve, I like your ideas and plans! Gotta love those fictional railroad plans! My layout is mainly based on the BN, in the northern region of central IL. I'd like to say somewhere along the IL River, but that may be a bit too far north, even though it is a bit south of where I live. I picked that area of IL because it is less densely populated than the further northern region of IL, and I can still run just about any motive power I want. My modelling era is modern, so I can can use the modern cars that I love on the roads, and still run any type of motive power I want, including the rolling stock. I think you get the point. I don't want to hi-jack your thread here
  2. Just wish I could have the plan turn out better.Can't get it to look right with X Trax Cad or Atlas Right Track software.This is the best I could come up with.
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    I had a hard time using those too. Eventually Galen came up with the track plan that I ended up going with
  4. Tough getting any one to draw up a plan without having to pay for it,especially when you only have one income coming in.Right now we are living on the wife's income,I am unable to work due to back problems,getting tests done on my back,so I can get my disability,been turned down 5 times,and the doctor says I am unable to work.Hopefully this time I will get approved.I like the plan I drew up,just wish it was in cad or something.Can't afford to have someone draw up the plan.Each industry will have certain type cars to switch,and each yard will hold a certain number of cars,cabooses and the motive power.
  5. Just wanted to say thank you to all of you that have replied to this thread and the helpful ideas and suggestions you have given mean a lot to me,thank you,hopefully later this year I will finally be able to begin the construction of the layout.I found out I have osteo arthritis in my back and a bone that didn't fully grow..It's been that way since my teens or earlier.I am working on the design for the track plan and my freight car fleet is pretty much done.Goals for the layout will be,a mainline with 30" radius that has straights and curves to give the mainline an evid flow,2 spurs will come off the left side of the mainline to serve a pair of industries.The branch line will come off the mainline and be 24"radius and have 4-6 spurs coming off the branch to serve industries.I am going have a track off the mainline yard where the branch line will tie into,I am hoping the track plan will allow for realistic operations and many years of enjoyable fun model my favorite railroad and division,The Milwaukee Road Iowa Division.I will post the plan as soon as I have it finished.I have been working on it and hope that in a day or two it will be ready to post.I hope every one likes the plan.Thanks again for all the replies and ideas.
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    Steve, put up a post in the track planning section, stating what you are looking for, what era, what industries, etc and I'm sure someone would be happy enough to help you. This is a friendly group of modelers, and we all like to help each other
  7. Steven,I have done that and left a description of what I want to do with the track plan and make it as realistic and fun to operate.

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