My first weathering ever.

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  1. Here are some pcts of a boxcar I weathered and would like to here what everyone thinks of my first try. i need input to get this car looking better. I plan to add Kadee #5 couplers and was thinking of steel wheels but I need to figure out what siz I need (any thoughts).

    Here are some specs:

    Bachman model number 43-1009-53 (new model number 17936)

    First washed car body with alcohol and then washed the entire car with black acrylic alcohol wash. This removed the Red “Swift’s Premium logo as well as most lettering on the sides. Barn red color on ends washed off as well.
    I know I have the wash to dark and will do better next time to have it lighter color. I was impressed how easy the decals came off with the alcohol. I didn't plan on the decals being completely removed but now it's going to be easier to have the model look like the proto I have pronted. The lettering on the photo is completely removed.

    Here are some samples.

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  2. Here are a few more pictures:

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    That looks like a car that has seen a lot of hard miles. Looks great.

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    I must say, your streaking is superb.

    Don't forget some dirt on the trucks, some grime and soot over the MEch reefer unit grill, and a wood color for the tackboards (the two horizontal bars next to the door) otherwaide you're getting there and STUDY PROTOTYPE PHOTOS, I cannot stress this enough.
  7. Thanks for the comments. I do have photos to work from and as you can see the tackboards are not wood in some of the photos I did see in other reefers they are and will look into it more. Also, thanks for the other points.

    I also need to know where I can get decals for the sides of the car that show weight and such. Any leads on what is best for that would be great.

    I plan to add a white (light color) dull cover with the airbrush and the decals. I want to add metal wheels and Kadee couplers. What else do I need to have this looking real?
    I know I went overboard with the rust but I thought it would be a good car for a modern era layout that has some stock left from the olden days.

  8. I've found more photos that have the tackboards are wood and I've changed the way they are on this model. One other thought I had was I need to wash over the areas of the car that are not rusty or painted because the silver looks so shinny. I have a page of the photos I've posted at My first weathering project
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    Woah, that is one of those bachmann trainset cars. NICE WORK!! :) :D

    For a first job, you aren't leaving yourself much room for improvement!

  10. I do need to learn to make a car look old not just a pile of rust, but thanks for the nice comment.
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    wow...that is awesome!!!
  12. Okay, it's been some time and I've done some work on the old Swift rail car. I must say I'm getting tired of this old rust bucket and I’m ready to move on to the next project. I would like to get feedback from everyone and know what I can look at doing to improve (besides work closer to a prototype). I still plan on covering with a cote of Dullcote but before I do that I wanted to hear from all.
    Thanks for the input and onward we go. The images are located


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