My first scratch built Railroad model.

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  1. Dave Harris

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    When I was searching for my floquil yesterday I ran across my first ( adult) scratch built railroad model. I built a couple things for my Marx set when I was about 7 or 8., but then moved into aiplanes & cars.
    I built this to prove a point , I was in a hobby shop one day in the early 70s & some guy was complaining that model railroading was too expensive , the MOST expensive hobby & NOTHING could be done for a low cost. I told him that was not altogether true & bet I could build a railroad model of something for under 3 dollars.
    There was a model contest coming up at a shopping mall & he challenged me to do that AND have it be good enough to enter the contest. I don't usually do contests but agreed.
    This is what I built , I had no plans or pictures, I drove by the railroad yard & looked at a tank car for a guide. I am aware this does not prove to be accurate in all details, but at the time I WAS NOT really a model railroader . The only thing I bought for it were the trucks & couplers, the tank is PVC pipe, the dome a copper tube cap with something out of the scrap box glued to it-- an army tank hatch I think.
    It did cost under 3 dollars AND won it's class in the contest bounce7

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  2. Dave Harris

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    I just realized , I still have the jigs I made to make the hand rail supports!!:p
  3. Ralph

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    That's great Dave! How did you create the riveting at the ends of the tank?

  4. Dave Harris

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    As I recall, I used a .003 strip of copper sheet that I hid the seam of under the band around the tank.
    The convex ends were formed by squeezing a piece of stryene between two concave freeze plugs & then heating it with a butane torch till it took a set.
  5. TrainGuyRom

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    It's a little lumpy, but 3$!!!! that's amazing!!jawdrop

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