My first design with more to come.

Discussion in 'Everything else' started by stagecoach, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. stagecoach

    stagecoach Member

    I decided to get in with the notion of designing my own projected models.
    So here is my first.
    It is a simple design and it is a celabration at the same time.
    Its a happy anniversary cake dedicated to 1 year in operation at The Cardmodels4fun website. May we have many more years to come.
    Hope you download it for the kids to make.
    John R

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  2. stagecoach

    stagecoach Member

    Forgot to add file so here it is.

    One of these days I will remember to complete something properly.:confused:

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  3. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Hey John, I missed this post before, got to blow the candle out! Nice thought for your first model.
    Food for thought ~ A new series of models, add some stairs and a sandy coat of paint for some Aztec buildings..? Diorama of Aztec sites? You make the temple and I'll make a little SpAcE sHIp that they all flew away in!
  4. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    Happy Anniversary to you and yours!
    That's a fine model, even for your first! May you become as addicted to designing as the rest of us! Great job! Keep it up! Hope to see more.
  5. milenio3

    milenio3 Active Member

    Gearz, very very good idea indeed on the Aztec buildings. Or Maya. Or Teotihuacan. Or Zapotecs / Mixtecs.
    I always dreamed of that, but I definetely am not a good designer. But would love to build that!!
    And also, is a good wish that they flew away, and not to think the were destroyed (the Aztecs).

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