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    hello all :wave:
    i am right in to battlestar galactica so i tryed making a model which i found here.

    Paper Worlds Gallery - Last additions/BSG BATTLESHIPS

    so using this as a guide i then made this. still need to put more detail and textures in, but i hope it looks ok. now how to get Pepakura designer to like it. now that the problem. only had succsess once with it and i don't know how i did it:confused:. just need to edit the latout of the model to help it along!

    thanks for having a look


    this was my first post with another sketchup model designed by chris domenech of his ship thermopylae

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    Very cool! can never have too many BSG items :)
  3. theoverlord

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    haveing a bit of trouble

    this is a picture of my model so far. but im having trouble unfolding it with pepakura designer 2wall1. cannot move red fold lines. now getting very :curse: with it. help get rid of red lines needed

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  4. sjsquirrel

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    Red lines in Pepakura indicate that the lines in the 3D model are actually two separate lines on two separate surfaces, even though it might look like there is only one line.

    In Pepakura go to the "3DModelWindow" menu and click on "Join Adjacent Isolated Edges". This will only work if the edges in question are part of the same sub-object in the 3D model. I don't know if Sketchup has an equivalent, but in Meta there is an option to join vertices that are at or near the same place - this happens a lot when manually creating faces. Look for something like that, or move the faces around the red lines to see if the faces are actually joined.

    Hope that helps,

  5. theoverlord

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    :mrgreen: I found the problem, its so stupid (me)wall1.

    In sketchup you can reverse the face your looking at. So when i put the textures on all this was hidden. Now that i have made all the faces the same way, IT WORKED.
    But and their is all ways a but, the middle section does not work. A little re-design will have to be done.

    Hope this helps anyone else using sketchup with Pepakura.

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