My first builds (Futurama's Planet Express ship, BSG Cylon Raider and Viper MK2)

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by paperdemon, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Well, hello everyone!
    I think it's time I finally got started on posting some of my stuff here.

    It all started when a friend of mine got me infected with his new hobby some time last february.
    I started on building Ninjatoes' BSG Viper MK2 with a whole lot of ambition. As it turned out, the model was a bit more advanced than I had expected, but regardless, I went through with it. Well, with the wrong sort of paper and I didn't take some of the instructions too seriously. So in the end it looked quite like Starbuck had crashlanded her Viper on a moon, but as a first dryrun I think it went all right.

    After another couple of failed attemps with different models I let it rest for a few months but a couple of weeks ago I picked up again where I had left and built the Planet Express ship from Futurama. I know it's quite simple but I'm a huge Futurama fan and I also think it was a good way to get into modeling again.

    Here she is:

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  2. paperdemon

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    BSG Cylon Raider

    After the Planet Express ship went all well, I discovered a new addition in Ninjatoes' BSG-Category and just had to give the Cylon Raider a try. His paper models are incredibly well made.
    It took me about a week with a few hours of modeling in the evening everyday. It's not perfect but I'm quite proud of the result:

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  3. paperdemon

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    BSG Viper MK2

    After the Raider was finished I decided to build the Viper again I had (so badly) built in the beginning but this time I actually paid attention to the instructions and it turned out to be a real beauty.

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  4. silveroxide

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    I see that you have been busy. Very well done, and now, what is next on your agenda?
  5. Millenniumfalsehood

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    Very well done! Your first paper models, huh? Quite nice for a first-timer. :thumb: If you don't mind a bit of constructive criticism: next time pick up some cheap markers in a large variety of colors and try out edge-coloring.
  6. paperdemon

    paperdemon New Member

    What to do...

    Thanks for the encouraging replies!:wave:

    Well, I recently finished my last project but I think I'll post it in a new thread.
    For now, I haven't decided what to do next. Probably something Star-trekish for a change.

    Yeah, I already tried some edge-coloring on the Cylon Raider after I had finished it but put it off again till I find thin-enough markers for that kinda job.
  7. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    For edge coloring, I use a paint brush most of the times. Markers sometimes do not make it into the little nooks and crannies that a paint brush can get into. The only problem with paints, is trying to get an approximate color of the model but it is do-able. Waiting to see what is next. See you around the forums.

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