My first build: Sleeping Beauty Castle

Discussion in 'Architecture Models' started by PaperRonin, Jul 26, 2008.

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    is it the one from disney website or a different one, looks quite wonderful
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  3. Psyscape

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    I wonder how many realise that there are two Sleeping Beauty Castle models at the Disney Experience. One I believe is the original US version and the second is the Disneyland Paris model. This may perhaps explain the difference in the stonework at least.
  4. Actually there are three Sleeping Beauty castles: at the Anahiem Disneyland, at the Paris park and at the Hong Kong Disneyland. Florida and Japan have Disney Cinderella castles. And when it opens in 2016, Shanghai Disneyland will have one named "Enchanted Storybook Castle". Wade
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    Fair enough, my post was just pointing out that there are two "paper" models of the castle, one of the US version and one of the Paris version. Sorry I wasn't more clear with what I wrote.
  6. True, though I wouldn't be surprised if that guy gets around to doing a model of the other one someday. I keep meaning to build one of those myself. I think I would have to scale it down a bit, though (something I've never done with a model). I believe Disneyland castle is something like 2 feet across. I saw a video of the designer tossing his in the fireplace because it was old and taking up too much space. Wade
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    True enough, it wouldn't be too surprising to see additional castles added, it does seem to be a favourite with both Disney and the public. As far as I'm aware most of the houses and castles available from the Disney site, and it's affiliated sites are large. Okay if one has lots of space to display them. Personally, like you, I'd have to look at re-sizing it a tad if I was to build one.

    My wife wants to put together one of the haunted houses from the affiliated site and see about lighting it up. She seems to think it'll make a nice window display for Halloween.

    Fortunately - or unfortunately depending on how one views these things, my daughter isn't overly bothered about having one of the castles. She's more interested in nagging at me constantly to build a couple of the bikes from the Yamaha site. Now if only Suzuki made some of their bikes available as paper models...
  8. Funny you mention Yamaha. I just started building my first try at one of those, the XJR-1300. I think the handlebars were designed by M.C. Escher.


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