My first attempt at model design, Ork trukk conversion

Discussion in 'Gaming & Toys' started by devox, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. devox

    devox New Member

    I messed around for a little while last night in an attempt to convert one of the existing Patoroch warhammer40k rhinos into an ork trukk. I do not have photoshop so was simply cutting outta pdf format and pasting into paint. A lot of the small angles arent clean or finished in terms of folding tabs. There are also redundant tabs and pieces on the paper at present. Also I was planning on doing a lot of additions basically cutting out irregular shapes and squares from card to add more orky touches to it. Also I will add a buncha small hole punches to it as bolts, and will probably use the inside of cardboard to add some corrugated metal appearance to parts. I'll post some build pics to see if it's anything worth tweaking into a cleaner build model.

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  2. devox

    devox New Member

    Got some build pics prepriming

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  3. Falsemuzzle

    Falsemuzzle New Member

    oh yea! VERY cool...i've always enjoyed playing orks. this is going to be good. :)
  4. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    Brilliant job on the buildup so far. I see you've added some rivets, and the cardboard makes great corrugated iron panels.
  5. etheren

    etheren New Member

    Looted vehicles are the best! Great job on the conversion thus far.
  6. devox

    devox New Member

    Got the prime paint job on the vehicle, it just needs some highlighting on the edges and the bolts as well as painting and attaching the tracks. I also need to put together a big shoota.

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  7. the good green

    the good green New Member

    Looking good. I like the "ork face" on the front. Let's the squishies know who's about to krump 'em. :)

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