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  1. I've completed my first 1/33 airplane build - Yay! I wanted to do a simple plane for my first, and this old Maly Lavochkin 5 from 1962 fit the bill perfectly. There is no interior. In fact, there is not much detail at all. The fuselage shape resembles an La-5, so that was good enough for me at this point. This is a Maly scan which I downloaded from their archive site, so at least I didn't have to deal with 45 year old Maly paper, which must be as brittle as a mummy by now.
    The model has only 2 pages of parts - another thing that drew me to it. I cleaned up some of the worst color registry problems with photoshop. I eliminated the Polish AF insignia from the cowl - the color registry was just too bad for me to repair. I printed the file to fit on letter size paper, so it's a bit smaller than its published 1/33rd scale- it measures out at 1/40th now. The uneveness of color in older Maly kits caused by their weird paper translated into a sort of mottled appearance when I printed it out on modern paper. I kind of like the look.


    Typical of Maly kits, the fuselage segments are butt joined. The first 3 mated perfectly. The tail segment is a hair larger than it's predecessor, and it has a twist, despite my being very careful to match all the formers to the centerline. Due to this twist I had to rotate the vertical stabilizer a bit to keep it vertical. This defect is hidden pretty well by the elevators, so I lucked out there.


    The wings went together easily, but I should have measured them at the centerline where they meet up, because it turns out they didn't match very well. Unfortunately I didn't discover this until the left wing was already glued in place. I had to increase the rear centerline length of the right wing about 1 mm so it would mate with the left. It left me with a white strip to touch up with blue paint. There was also a pretty large area on the underside of the fuselage just behind the cowl that was green. I assumed this was a mistake and painted it over with matching (kinda) light blue paint.


    I had a little trouble with the canopy. There is an internal former which made it rock back and forth on the fuselage like a seesaw. I removed the former, and then the canopy fit fine, although not centered very well.


    To get a smoother look when building the cowl, I eliminated the forming strips and edge glued the rings very carefully. I colored all edges as I built the model, but after assembly I still had to touch up here and there with acrylic paint for a better look. I made a simple antenna from thread stiffened with Crazy Glue.


    I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, and I learned a lot. I'm inspired to try a more complicated airplane now, and am awaiting delivery of a Modelik Yak-17 from the Paper Model Store. I'll get to build an interior with that one and experience making a clear canopy, while avoiding construction of a complicated radial engine.

    I wish the pictures were better, but you get the idea.
  2. What's the url for the Maly site? I can't seem to find a linklist on the forum, is there even one implemented?

  3. Check your PM inbox for more info, Tom. I intentionally left the link out of my thread because although I'm pretty confident that the url is an "official" Maly site I can't be absolutely sure, not being able to read Russian. Also, when you take into account the quality of older Maly kits (compared with today's models), and then take it down a notch with inkjet printed scans of yellowed, stained parts pages, what you get is probably not going to be worth the effort anyway.
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    A great job on a pretty "prehistoric" kit! :D
  5. Thanks Lex. I'm a bit of a dinosaur myself, and I couldn't help but think while I was building it, that if I was born somewhere in the old Soviet Bloc rather than in the USA, I might very well have built it in 1962 when it was a new release.
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    Those old Maly kits are simple but fun. You did a very nice job on this one.

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    This is definietely NOT official Maly site since Maly Modelarz is a Polish company and you are mentioning Russian website....

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