MY Electric Tc3

Discussion in 'RC Onroad Forum' started by Tc3racer, Feb 1, 2004.

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  1. Tc3racer

    Tc3racer New Member

    Sup guys i just got my Tc3 running yesterday and i broke it today :( first ill tell you whats on it
    tc3 rtr
    futaba 2pl radio system
    futaba s3003 servo
    futaba reciver
    15t speed gems2
    20t 48p pinion
    dunno what size spur gear
    mah 2400 power pack batteries

    it was workin really good the only bad thing was that the esc was a lil f*cked up because it had no brake or reverse, well i topped it off today because since i have no brake i ran it right into a snow bank, the car flipped out and i fried the esc, no worrys tho because im gettin a novak reactor, in a week off of ebay, i will post pics later
  2. Tc3racer

    Tc3racer New Member



  3. timrock

    timrock Active Member

    those cars have nice four wheel drive tans
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