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  1. Just_because

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    Hi guys, sorry I haven't introduced myself before. I'm Raul, I live in Mendoza, Argentina. I was born in USA but my parents returned to Southamerica when I was very young. I'm a teacher of English. I've been making my own models since I remember. I made them myself always trying to use cardboard. Later on I began using some other materials.

    The AT-AT was made in 1995, it's 1 m tall and 1,50 m long. I made it 5 times bigger than the plastic model I had. I used a caliper to take all the measurements from the plastic kit and tried to reproduce every single detail. The head and the legs are moveable. I used 2 and 3 mm cardboard. When I finished cutting all the pieces my arms looked like popeye's :mrgreen:. If you watch carefully there's and snow speeder "passing" thru its legs.

    The R2-D2 was also made with cardboard but I remember using one that was already white and much harder. R2 doesn't have the original scale because I couldn't find a bigger sphere for the head. But it rolled like a madman!! I modified and added a remote control Lamborghini (without the body) in the front foot that was apparently to powerful for the little droid!!:mrgreen:

    As you have already seen I'm a huge fan of Starwars and my favorite character has always been Mr. Vader. I also worked on my costume. I made the gloves, the cod piece, the neck piece, the box in the chest (with lights and everything) and the shinguards. Since then (1997) I've been going to all the STW openings in one of the shopping malls and one of the Blockbusters video stores here in Mendoza. Never asked for money but I've always received some great gifts from the managers there!
    If you wanna see more pictures of those events just let me know.

    Hope you enjoy the pictures! Nice meeting you all!!

    Ossie (my nick name at school)

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  2. dansls1

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    Welcome and nice models and costume ossie - hope to see more of your work as you build more models ;)
  3. Just_because

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    Thx Dansls1!!

    I have some finished models, but no pictures yet. My future proyects are the terminator endoskeleton (the one that is 90 cm tall) it's already printed but no time to start yet, the Harry Potter white owl, some optical illusion I found interesting to make and my favorite 80 cm Mazinger Z.

    Although I'm finishing an Indiana Jones model that I found a couple days ago on the net, I cannot start another one till I finish with the school year.

    I have many other models but as I married a year ago, they are still at my mom's :mrgreen:

    C ya soon!

  4. OylPslyk

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    Mucho Coolo !
  5. Just_because

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    Grazie bambino!!
  6. Just_because

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    Another almost forgotten model!

    Hey guys!

    I know this is not a card model but I wanted to share the pictures with you. It has a couple of years already, 5 a suppose.

    I made the tree using a white material that is very light. Sorry I know the word in spanish but not in English.:cry: I know it's used to insulate.

    I glued 6 layers of this material. They were 2 inches thick. Then the same procedure for the branch. After the glue was dry I started sculpting the tree with a "hot" spoon and a fork melting all the features; pretty easy really. Then I covered the whole thing with plaster and finally the paint. I used regular brushes, acrylic paints and a friend of mine airbrushed the rest of the details.

    The Predator it's a vinil figure that comes standing up. So I cut it into pieces to modify his position to the one in the pictures. Most of the paint job was done with different techniques including of course, airbrush.

    The whole thing is 1:6.



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  7. Just_because

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    Sorry Armorman. I know I shouldn't have posted my pictures on this thread but it's the first time I post sth in my life (no exageration) and I wasn't sure where to do it..

    Sorry again!

  8. Amazyah

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    Thread moved to Introductions along with corresponding posts.
    I deemed it a more appropriate area for your post, just_because, well, just because.:mrgreen:

    Hehehehe, I couldn't resist that awful pun!:twisted:

  9. Padre

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    That was a neat life sized Darth, what weight paper did ya use?
  10. Stev0

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    Crazy stuff. Can't say what I like better.

    The ATAT is freakishly huge. I'd have to say it was a production model if I didn't know any better.
  11. Just_because

    Just_because Member

    No paper this time Padre, just me, sweating like a pig!!
  12. Boba Frett

    Boba Frett Member

    Very nice models, and a nice Vader as well.

    I am a Vader costumer as well.......the body suit does get a bit warm doesn't it? :mrgreen:
  13. Just_because

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    Hi Boba!
    Thx for your comments. Indeed you sweat a lot. The first bodysuit I got was made with leather like fabric. Very heavy and extremely hot. Then I found a much lighter fabric and that's the one from the pictures.
    Would you send me a couple of pictures of you and your costume? You can use this address.

    Thx! Os.
  14. Boba Frett

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    I only have one pic right now, my hard drive crashed on Monday and I lost all my info, I have some more backed up on disks that I will look for.

    This is my old costume from 2001.

  15. Just_because

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    Wow man!!! You look amazing!! Did you make some parts of the costume yourself or you bought the whole thing?
    Take care! Os.
  16. Boba Frett

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    I made the helmet, chestbox and armor.
  17. Just_because

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    Indiana Jones Grail diary miniature.

    Hi guys!

    I made this tiny diary for my 12 inches Indy figures. It measures 27 mm long by 17 mm wide and it is as thick as 7 mm. I inlcuded all the most important pages and some more. Many inserts as well. Hope you like it. :thumb:

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    ARMORMAN Guest

    Sweet....where did you get the art? Screen grabs?
  19. Just_because

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    Hi Armorman!

    Much easier than that! I bought a DVD on Ebay with all the necessary info to make an accurate replica of the diary. So I took some of those pages and "miniaturized" them to make this tiny model. The trick was to give them the "old" look. With a q-tip and some coffee everything was done in minutes!
    Needless to say that I have my own full size copy of the grail diary.:thumb:

    Take care!

    ARMORMAN Guest

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