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    Hoffa Cement Complex

    Here is the Hoffa Cement Complex, it is HUGE as you can see and consist of the "Valley Cement Complex, ADM Elevator, Blue Star Ready Mix, Bulk Transfer Conveyor, and some conveyors". I have numbered the buildings in the drawling and here is what each of them are:

    1. Rail Car Loading Building/silos. This is part of the Valley Cement Complex and this will be used only as the cement covered hopper loading building, no trucks will be using it.
    2. ADM/Blue Star Ready Mix buildings kitbashed into one building for the cement trucks. Cement trucks back into the loading bay at the front of the building (were the # 14 is)
    3. Is the building that the rotating drum goes into and the finished cement product is produced. It is part of the Valley Cement Complex.
    4. Is the Rotating Drum and is part of the Valley Cement Complex.
    5. Is the Kiln Building and is Valley Cement Complex.
    6. Is a custom covered conveyor that comes from the top of the 24 silos where the covered conveyor is and goes into the Kiln Building.
    7. Is the row of 24 silos with a covered conveyor on top.
    8. Is the Bulk storage Building that is part of the Valley Cement Complex. It is where the gravel and other aggregates and materials used to produce cement are stored. It will have an elevator shaft similar to the one found on the ADM grain Elevator to get materials from the Bulk storage Buildingto the 24 silos.
    9. Is a covered conveyor that comes from the ADM/Blue Star Ready Building and goes to the Rail Car Loading Building/silos.
    10. Is the Bulk Transfer Conveyor.
    11. Is the conveyor that brings gravel from the Storage Bunkers to the Bulk storage Building. The conveyor starts off and goes up and over the 2 tracks and then spills of on another conveyor that is 90 degrees to the other and goes into the Bulk storage Building.
    12. Is the Conveyor Ramp used to for the front loaders to dump onto the conveyor.
    13. Are the Storage Bunkers. There are 3 of them and they hold gravel and other aggregates that get unloaded by the Bulk Transfer Conveyor.
    14. Is were the Cement Trucks Park
    15. Are smaller Water Storage Tanks.
    16. Is the Smokestack and is part of the Valley Cement Complex.

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    Man, and that last pic is supposed to be UNDER the previous diagramjawdrop :eek: dude, you'd be better off with a bigger room for that
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    Overall it has alot of potental, except your showpiece bridge should be something you can see your trains roll over, not stop in the middle of because there's no room for more track! Put your river module on the middle top of the bottom layout, so you can have a deep John Allen-esque gorge. Also, moake a yard where you have the bridge now, so you can sort cars at both ends of the line. ;) Just my $0.02

    LIRRNEAL New Member

    Hi Guys
    This is a great layout, and I love the artwork.

    I just was wondering, if the room is 12' x 12' , a 36" radius helix is 6 feet in diameter, or about 1/4 of the whole room. I think you are modeling the helix too small.

  5. TruckLover

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    :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: I must of did it wrong then, I am still working on this thing, just been working more on my layout right now. I will have to go back and figure out the right helix. I do want the radius to be large on the helix so I can run 6 axle diesels from top to bottom without them stuggleing.

    Miles, nice points, I like them and am considering changing it.

    CNWman,sign1 sign1

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