My Discovery (uhu02) build

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by davelant, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. trekman1017

    trekman1017 Member

    You sir are the man. I wait with bated breath for your results so that I will know whether or not attempting this is wise.
  2. jparenti

    jparenti Member

    Oh, it's a satisfying build. The part that trips people up is the spine and the "nuts". It can get repetitive -- pace yourself! Once done, though, the rest is only moderate difficulty and well within the reach of any experienced modeler. Hopefully I'll be done very soon.
  3. uhu02

    uhu02 Active Member

  4. jparenti

    jparenti Member

    He has done superb work! I only hope that mine turns out looking as good as his did.
  5. uhu02

    uhu02 Active Member

    Hi, jparenti:wave:
    Your work is splendid, too.

    I feel glad.

    ・・・I make Discovery's inside again sometime:rolleyes:
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  6. jparenti

    jparenti Member

    Thank you for the kind words. I would love to see the interior again. I saw your prototype of the centrifuge and it was wonderful. It is a shame that it was lost.
    Thank you again for all the wonderful designs. I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to build Aries 1-B!
  7. DanBKing

    DanBKing Active Member

    Is Discovery still in the Atlas Space Dock ?

    Did you manage to finish her ???

    I started my version a while back and still at it.... :wave:

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