My Discovery (uhu02) build

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by davelant, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Card_noob

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    Are you sure you had to cut slots? I had a good look at the photos from his blog and the one where he shows the construction of those triads there are no slots and part #8 is edge glued on...

    I also notice that unlike his prototype in the photos, the seams of the two facing cone parts (#7) do not line up on the bottom (if you did line them up, the lines where #8 attaches will not be lined up). You have to align them using the top #8 (which should be strait up) and the seams will fall where they may slightly off center on the bottom.
  2. davelant

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    Good catch. uhu02 did not cut slots in those cones, a false assumption on my part. I don't entirely regret it; those braces are in the slots securely. Edge gluing them in might be a little delicate. If I had to do it again, I might cut a thin slot down the center of each black rectangle.

    The bottom seams are as you say. Not pretty. I lined up the first top brace with the center of the arrow that says front, and just sighted along the stick to keep them all in line and upright as I glued them in.

    Per your previous post, yeah, those lines are pretty thick. Again, I don't regret making the nuts in card, since they are quite strong
  3. Nuts...

    If you think doing all those nuts are bad wait until you get to do the tanks, they seem endless. I must admit I get RPMS (Repetative Paper Modelling Syndrome) and after doing a few near identical items my build quality gets worse. The only solution I have found is to hop around, make a variety of parts and hope I don't loose all the bits. I don't know if this helps anyone else with this model? For the most part it is going together well but the part count is very daunting.

    As we are having typical bank holiday weather in the UK I've treated myself to doing the engine module from the back to the front and it is a little less fiddly than everything else so far. I'm not sure I'm going to get the front bit which joins on to the spine right and I think it needs some extra bracing there. I'll report how it turns out when done

    At least it is galvanising me to do some more of the smaller bits
  4. Card_noob

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    Yea, I'm sort of doing that just to stay sane. Working on the spine right now... I started with a 6/7/8 assembly at center and I'm working for and aft of that. Got a couple modules ready... and so on.
  5. davelant

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    Card_noob, this is in reply to your message about parts 9 and 9a. My theory is that you don't cut out the red areas. I think you cut out part 9a and fold it like one square wall and two triangular ends of a pup tent. On parts 9, I think you just cut three sides around the gray rectangle within the red area, and flip it up to form the other wall of the tent. Then the red area is covered up by the resulting tent structure.

    You know, really, this kit is a good argument for building one good nut and one good pod of each shape, and then making a mold and casting replicas in resin. Next time, maybe.
  6. davelant

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    I think it should be like this, but neater.

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  7. Card_noob

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    I did one by cutting out the red and the result is pretty much the same. :)

    This way the the tab at the base of both sides (triangles) adheres along its full length but clearly either way will do.

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  8. davelant

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    No, I tried both. Your way is better.
  9. Gearz

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    Hi Davelant, any progress on the Discovery? when you progress to assembly of the spine + pressure dome, I'm after a measurement on the model if possible, mid point of the pressure dome, back to the froward edge on the AE32 antenna module. Just after the measurement to scale a Leonov to match this model

    looks great so far!
    cheers mate

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  10. davelant

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    I've been traveling a lot lately, and haven't folded a thing lately. I'll be back to it soon.
  11. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    No worries, another builder has given the measurement.

    thanks anyway mate
  12. Stev0

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    How about just asking UHU02 for the size?
  13. jparenti

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    Oh wow. If I'd realized Uhu had released this model, I'd have been at it already. I'm glad we have a dedicated build thread, because the spine alone would have scared me off without someone explaining it. :D
    Very nice build so far. I'm impressed with how all the nuts ended up looking the same on yours. I have hope now that I've seen how it's done and may be able to reproduce such feats!
  14. edward smith

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    Many thanks to UHU02 in Nagata. Your creations brilliant, absolutely incredible... great fun... and give dimension and a rebirth to my earliest great scifi cinema fantasies. I was captivated Bowman's trial in the Pod (Keir Dullea will be in Tulsa next week)... and your Discovery is excellent. I'm sorry I found your site too late for Maria and Robby (Kino video released a new copy of Metropolis with found scenes). I saw the debut of the Time Machine as a child with my grandfather... You model takes me back. Many thanks from Muskogee, Oklahoma... and good fishing.
  15. Dyna-Soar

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    Any progress?
  16. ekuth

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    I started on this beast myself about 2 weeks ago... the nuts will drive you insane. I'm on the fuel pods now and starting to despair of life again... thanks for the heads up on the red areas. I hadn't figured that out!

    I also had the seam line up issue on the "cones"... thought I had done something wrong. Relieved to know it wasn't me.

    I edge glued the struts instead of cutting out the slots... no problems thus far.
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  17. azgard

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    Has anyone actually finished this model yet? Updates seem to be few and far between...
  18. jparenti

    jparenti Member

    I know, I know -- it's been a while.





    I'm not done with the model by any means, but there is progress. The spine needs its fuel modules and the back end needs engines, and the area just aft of the command module sphere (actually an emergency rocket system) is only a prototype build and not my final build. But yes, I am working through it!
  19. aerodyne

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    Wow! That is seriously insane! Can't wait to see it done with all the modules!
  20. SEBRET

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    Looking good. Lots of little parts! keep it up

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