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  1. can

    can some one from the HELL

    I'm now working on ww2 europe bombing aircraft
    -b-24 liberator(fiddlers green)progress=done
    -me-109(fiddlersgreen)progress=done but too large scales
    -p-51 mustang(fiddlersgreen)progress=unstarted until exam end
  2. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    woraprat, I am so sorry I missed your post when you joined. I was very ill back then and December is barely a memory.

    :welcome1: to the forum, and nice job on our models. Concentrate on your exams, schools comes first. The models look great, I would love to see more pictures, and closer. You can post pics, we like pics here. Good job and well done, and please forgive me for missing you when you joined. :)


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