My curent project - AB2C-3 HellDiver

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by wingsbg, Sep 28, 2005.

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    Thanks, Mike

    And you quite right. But if we have to be exact She is

    Su-25 Frogfoot A, 29
    378th OShAP
    VVS, Bagram, Afghanistan , 1988
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    Kancho your English is just your models. I like the idea of you going up in scale. 1/33 is my favorite, 1/48 is just too small for my big clumsy fingers! I can not wait to see the frogfoot.....SU-25. Of course it will be all bombed-up. Thanks for the info, and all your work!

  3. wingsbg

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    Congratulations Kancho, very detailed model. Since i wanted to build an italian version of the model, what do you think about releasing an "outline only" version so that people can paint it in the wanted livery?

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