My Christmas in Sleepy Cove

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    I went to visit my friends in Sleepy Cove and got there just after dark. On Christmas eve you can hear hymns rise over the silent snow from the church.

    They got some nice stained glass windows in there church.

    The rest of the town is still in the fresh fall of snow. Not everyone is in church though and lights are on everywhere as people celebrate this rare night.

    The ocean is as smooth as glass and reflects the lights of the town.

    I think Joe left the door on his boat shop open a jar, spilling his lights up the fresh fall of snow on the street.

    Out on the chuck, Old Skeet, who lives on his boat year round, keeps warm and reads in his cabin.

    Corky and his family are enjoying a visit from long misplaced family at the lighthouse. Music and laughter drift over the snow.

    It's Christmas morning and not a sign of life can be seen in the town.

    The fisherman are snuggled tight in there shacks.

    Ben has left off work on his boat for the day.

    The general store is closed of course.

    Joe has left his door open. Perhaps it was his cat, who looked out and knocked his door open.

    Old Skeet torks up a snore in the marina. Not a ripple to be seen.

    There are actually students in residents at the Mobie Dick School. In this small communities, not everyone lives close to town and school.

    Dinner is already under way at the town hall. All the sailors and anyone who wants to come are welcome.

    The Hotel is full up with all the people from out of town.

    The Mayor and his family are opening presents and having flap jacks for breakfast.

    At the Pendlton house, they are taking there coffee before opening there gifts.

    The Hillcrest mansion is a bustling with activities as 8 children and various servants have to wait until noon to open gifts. Daddy likes to see them squirm, but he dose spoil them.

    You might wonder why there is no one outside, or why you don't see any footie prints in the fresh snow.

    There's a good reason everyone is inside. The dangerous furry snow drift!

    Three years ago, before I got back into model trains, I decided to build this centerpiece for our table at Christmas because our mirror broke and gave me an odd piece of glass to make something with. I had collected the cars from Kinder Eggs and thought I would build buildings close to there scale. It is almost N scale. It was this project that got me back into modeling trains again after 35 years. This is a quarter next to a building.

    I used an old string of Christmas lights to light the buildings. The light house has a shade that revolves around the bulb and gives the illusion the light is revolving. The shade is turned by an old tape recorder motor that powers the band and pulleys scabbed from the tape recorder to slow down the speed of the motor.

    Only one D cell batteries is needed to turn the shade.

    An old light switch controls the power to the motor.

    The light in the boat is a fiber optic that takes it's light from the boat shop's bulb, under the wharf and into the boat.
    I hope you enjoyed my story and pix. :rolleyes: Have a good New Year. :thumb:

    TrainClown :wave: :D
  2. Tyson Rayles

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    Very pretty T.C., really striking when lit up in the nite! :)
  3. seanm

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    That looks like it was a fun project!! Thanks for sharing!
  4. interurban

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    I love it T C!! :thumb:
    Well done.
  5. spitfire

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    Thanks for the tour of this lovely little town! Could that giant furry thing be Bigfoot?

    :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

  6. Will_annand

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    Thanks for the tour TC.
    I don't blame the folks for hiding when there is a Yeti about.
  7. Chessie6459

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    T C looks great. :thumb: Thanks for sharing that with us. :wave:
  8. Sir_Prize

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    GREAT little scene you got there! :thumb: :thumb:

    I'd stay inside to if a Yeti that BIG was sniffing 'round my town! :eek:

    ;) :D :thumb:
  9. Papa Bear

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    Nice work, TC! :thumb: I sometimes have "yeti" problems on my layout, too. :eek:
  10. Dragon

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    Maybe we should start a "When good cats go bad" thread?

  11. ausien

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    Great pix and story TC, glad I asked for the post, when I was in the chatroom, well worth a visit, thanks man...have a good one..steve

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