My Chrismas Haul from Grandma hehehe

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by TruckLover, Sep 25, 2007.

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    I get my pink foam board for free from a local paper company. The foam is used when they receive big sheets of paper in as protection and then they throw it away. You might want to check out local companies, of course I do have a friend that works for the company so it helps.

    Just a thought....
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    Got the package yesterday, opened it up today, looked at all 4 of the SP SD40T-2's and none of them had the speed lettering on them, guess I wasnt lucky enough either lol

    I was for the most part happy with everything, altho almost every blue box I opened there was a suprice inside, mostly broken stuff that I know was already broken before shipping but was not mentioned at the time when I bought the stuff. Most of it can be fixed I think tho so all and all im happy with everything. Ill be posting some pics in a lil while of all the new engines and cars.

    Everything need work tho, weather it be parts glued back together, railings installed/detail parts installed/re-installed or new trucks/couplers, there is something to do on all them, these were pretty much all small projects but still worth it. They are all pretty old too and could prolly use a nice cleaning, inside and out. Pics to come in a lil bit

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