My cardboard terminator !! 1:1

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  1. Zathros

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    Guys, look at the dates on these threads. This guy's work is incredible, but he has not posted in almost 3 years. I would try not to resurrect threads this old though (or any other) as either the person is not here, probably has a different e-mail address by now, and the likelihood of getting an answer will be slim. On the other hand, using the information in the thread, you may be able to find the end result.

    Using his name, and the word Terminator, I have found his blogspot and used the "translate this page", and "Wala!", Elsocraft's blogspot, and hehas apparently finished the Terminator and is working on "Optimus Prime": seek and ye might find! :smile:

    Maybe one of you could post it and what you find on the page. I just found it, didn't have time to get into it too much.
  2. jgderuvo

    jgderuvo Member

    If he builds the processor chip out of cardboard, we may have to blow up his lab. :p
  3. MTK

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    I've been looking for this mesh, to make one of these myself and to share with a friend.
  4. olantigh

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    depending on the amount of space i have at home a full sized model might be a bit big for me personally- however the skull looks very complicated and with some red leds put in would look amazing! can't wait for the design to be available- keep an eye on this one! great model!
  5. Zathros

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    I have a full sized Terminator model. I married her, 23 years ago!!:p
  6. mato_kolo

    mato_kolo New Member

    You do fantastic work!!

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