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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by lalo, Sep 30, 2013.

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    .... :rolleyes: The best video of dioramas (Photovideo) is in my website is from my critério, the video of "Chupacabras (Esleleología)" because I think it is: The best horror story. The best picture and the best music.
    The dioramas video tells a dark and tragic adventure that a group of cavers experience in a cave, where dwells Boreno Chupacabras.
    To view this video fantastic science fiction ... go ..:


    - Enter my website.
    - Scale 1/10.
    - Site: CIENCIA FICCION. / Chupacabras (Espeleología) / Photovideo.
    -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Sincerely ... Jorge. :mrgreen:
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    This is fantastic! I have also seen the Jurassic Park adventure. The photography is perfect, the shots in the cave are great. The setting and the figures fit so well that you might tink it would be some stills from an actual movie. Big thumbs up!
  3. lalo

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    ... :mrgreen: Muchas gracias. Revell-Fan. ......... Jorge. :mrgreen:

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