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    ... :rolleyes: The best video of dioramas (PhotoVideo) is in my website is from my view the video: "Chupacabras (Esleleología)" because I think it is: The best horror story. The best picture and the best music.
    The dioramas video narrates a dark and tragic adventure that a group of cavers experience in a cave, where dwells the Chupacabras of Boreno.
    To view this video fantastic science fiction ... go ..:

    - Enter my website.
    - Scale 1/10.
    - Website: CIENCIA FICCION. / Chupacabras (Espeleología) / PhotoVideo.
    ------------------------------------------------ Sincerely ... Jorge. :twisted:
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    Very interesting. I don't know if most people realize you make everything from scratch! :)
  3. lalo

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    ... :wave: Well, it's very exciting crafts from scratch. You may be surprised, that creates attitudes lacking creative with their hands.
    A photo of my figures. ..:
    -------------------------------------------------- -

    Watch again this exciting and terrifying adventure science fiction video dioramas. .... Sincerely ... Jorge. :wave:

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