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    Here is the start of my Atlas N scale switch control. You can use this for any scale form Atlas. The switches are DPDT. The connector on the other end is a male 25 paralelle computer connector. One of the few peices you still can buy from Radio Shack. It all will be in a project box with LED indicators on it! If you have any question on how to build your own. Just ask!


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    I hope those are momentary (spring loaded) toggles. Leaving the current flowing to an Atlas switch machine for more than a second or two will let the smoke that Atlas carefully installed out. When the smoke clears, the switch machine no workee.

    Actually, only 1 SPDT momentary toggle is needed for each switch machine. The outer terminals of the toggle are wired to the outer terminals on the switch machine. The center terminal of the toggle goes to the power supply, and the center terminal of the switch machine goes to the other terminal on the power supply.

    I do like and admire your use of computer cable and connectors for ease and neatness of wiring and trouble-shooting.

    my thoughts, your choices
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    Hey Fred:

    The switches are spring loaded!:thumb: You are right about wirning them. Atlas's switches are wired in the following. The center wire is commond. The outters are wired to each side of the switch. The power is wired to the center of the switch. As for the computer connector. It'll make connecting and disconnecting very easy.:thumb:


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