My 3foot Galactica attempt

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by stephen.irl, Aug 28, 2009.

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    Savion: Yes. The model has a really good substructure. You sort of build the model from the inside out and it is broken into three sections, the nose, the main body and the rear + engines. I used the same thickness card for the internal structure as the skin and it turned out really strong alright. No need for anything extra. It's all in the file (when you can download).

    Chameleon: I have a thread on tiny galactica models here:

    I tried one of the tiny vipers but there still not small enough. Must see if it's possible to scale down even further :eek:

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  2. Chameleon

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    Awsome job on those mini ships Stephen!
    Instead of scaleing them down further wouldn't it be easier to scale up the Galactica to 1:450? (joking).
  3. Savion

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    Thanks for info, Stephen! It occurred to me that such a large model must require some sort of internal support, not only for the major hull segments (head, main body, engines) themselves, but to each other!

    I look forward to seeing what the parts layout will be like.
  4. Savion

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    Stephen: since the scale of the 3-foot Galactica model is close to 1/1400 (AMT did the Star Trek: Next Generation ships (Enterprise-D, Vor'cha)) in that scale, I think that Vipers scaled to your ship will be exceptionally tiny; so small that it will be hard to discern specific details. Wouldn't a Viper be only a few millimeters long in 1/1400? The toothpick idea isn't sounding too bad here!
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    WOW! :-O very very Nice!

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