My 1:72 and 1:87 Basic and Hand Coloured Tanks

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  1. MilanX3

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    Part 1:
    From World of Tanks fame:
    Left: KV-13
    Right: VK3001H
    Centre: VK3001H GroBturm turret, also see later photos with GroBturm mounted.

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  2. MilanX3

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    Part 2:
    Left: T-34-85 unique desert camo
    Right: SU-152

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  3. MilanX3

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    Part 3:
    The Germans:
    Marder II
    Panzer I mit SiG33
    Tiger Lowe with two turret attempts

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  4. SameeBD

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    ...NIce!! ..but i think you oughtta use poster colours or felt tip pens for colouring, gives a smoother expression.
  5. MilanX3

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    Good Day,

    What do you mean by poster colours? Is that like water colour paint?

    I was considering using felt tipped pens but I came out with two problems. One was that since these models were designed to be as simple as possible while maintaining the shape and quality of the actual tank, they were made with normal printer paper. To used felt tipped pens or thin markers would weaken the paper and make it split and warp. Not all felt tipped would do this, but many would so I just avoided it.

    The other issue was that there was a limit of colours available in pen ink that would be useful to use on the models. I didn't want to drown out the black lines on the model and there was a limit of colours as well. I checked specialty arts stores here for such pens and while there were a lot of colours, there was a limit of greens and browns and sand yellows there to reproduce the models as I wanted.

    Colouring them with pencil or any other medium was done so that when people print out the model, they can colour it anyway they wish from the white model on paper. What I did in the end is colour the model on a paint program online and let the printer do the colouring for me. That was the best option if you wished to make a very smooth model with diverse colours. I have done one sample tank like that and it turned out really amazing.

    Please feel free to do one of the models with the felt tip, I'd love to see what you could produce and learn from the process as well.

  6. SameeBD

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    ...thanks for your reply,..and yeah..poster colors are some what of an water colour derivative, but more dense. I'm sorry i forgot you used paper directly ... i end pasting the kits on artpaper (aka cardboard) and then make them....and felt tips...well i use this Malaysian brand which when used doesnt over kill the detailing/black lines. Yeah..using paint program and then printing IS the hassle free alternative :D .

    err...i dont have that many armour models, just couple of t55s ( coloured by the said poster colours) and couple of technicals ( toyota land cruiser ?? :D ) ...but do have plans for a T72/ M 60.
  7. MilanX3

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    Hello Sameer,

    Yes, I do use paper, but as you yourself paste the models on artpaper, that is another option as well. The models I make could be pasted or directly printed as well, I just haven't don't it yet myself and do think using poster colours would be a good option. What is the Malaysian felt markers you use, maybe they are sold in other countries.

    I have a few models that I could send you, it seems you like Russian subjects as well as I do. I have just completed a very unique tank, a SU-100M1 from the World of Tanks series of tanks. I will post the model here and on the free models section. If you wish to build it using your method and post pictures it would be great. I made three of them so far and they are a simple build for the most part.


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  8. zathros

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    Very Nice!! :)

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