Murphy Branch and Southern Railway

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    I've posted a picture of my current layout (N) underconstruction of Governors Island Bridge on the "Murphy Branch" (Nantahala Gorge Area, GSMR)

    Layout is around the room twice. Included are Balsam, Cowee Tunnel and Bridge,Bryson,Bushnell (I'm modeling 1942 BEFORE Fontana), Nantahala,Hawks Nest, Topton, and Andrews.

    Track is Code 55 (ME) and all tunouts are PCB handlaid.

    Steam locos.

    Planned for future DCC.

    I'm also very involved with Southern Railway technical information.

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    Nice pic!! Welcome Aboard, Gordon!! :D :D :D
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    MR Murphy Branch article

    I have that issue of MR. They were doing a more recent period.

    As I said, June 21,1942.


    Consolidations and Pacifics. Short trains. Bushnell still wasn't under water.

    Why June. I didn't want to model the mountains of Western NC in the winter. I've built over 2000 individual trees with thousands MORE to go.

    June 21?

    Longest day of the year. My excuse for not running at night. Maybe I should, I wouldn't have to do truss rods on box cars! But those darn snakes on the roadbed at night...

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    Gordon,Sounds like plan to me..:thumb:
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    Welcome to The Gauge, Gordon!:wave: Your plan sounds great. Please post some more pics as construction progresses.

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