Multiple span bridges.

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Connor, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. Connor

    Connor Member

    Just got my bridges in today. (3 Deck Truss and 2 Warren Truss Atlas) Noticed that the rails slide in.. My layout calls for all 5 of the bridges in series (Deck, Warren, Deck, Warren, Deck configuration).. I'm using DCC and will need to solder the connections.. I'm wondering if replacing the short 9" sections of rail with a single 36" piece from flex track and soldering a extra 9" section on would work better?? I don't like the idea of trying to solder those connections so close to the plastic bridge sections, so, I think this would work really well, and be a nice SMOOTH transition. How do you all do your bridges? Is this a good way? Is there a BETTER way?

    Thanks, Billy
  2. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Never tried it, but it sounds good to me... Just make sure you get the right code rail - those bridges are made for both Code 83 and 100, I believe...

    Let us know how it turns out.

  3. Connor

    Connor Member

    Bridges are code 100, flex track is code 100. I'm good with that.
  4. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    I use flex track on my bridges . I would join two pieces and solder the joiners away from the bridge then thread the track through the bridges. You may have to put some spots of glue to hold the track in place
  5. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    Not only a good idea but regular practice for those who've been at it awhile. :thumb: You might consider taking that 36" of rail and split the difference over the two end spans. That way your joints are on a solid base in the middle of each span rather than the gap between spans.
  6. Connor

    Connor Member

    Matthyro, Yea, that was the idea.. Need total of 45" so 36" + 9" So 1 flex and 1 9" from the bridge kits, should work well..
  7. Connor

    Connor Member

    Shaygetz, Will the joiners be able to go in midspan on the bridge? I haven't tried it, but, That's a good idea too if it'll work. Of course, it might make it harder to solder as I would have to solder it in place.. I don't think the joiners will slip under the little rail spikes.
  8. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    No, I'm afraid you'll have to shave the spike on 3-4 ties then slip them in. A minor compromise for what would be a pretty stable assembly once done. How's yer solderin' skills? :eek: :thumb: :D
  9. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    If you put a 36 inch flex through 3 bridges, and then another 36 inch section through the other two bridges, then let both sections hang over a few inches between the bridges where you solder the rail joiners, you can keep the heat off of the bridges. Then you just slide everything together when it is cool. You would end up with a foot or so of track hanging over each end of the 5 bridge set, but that would probably add some extra strength to the hole thing anyway.
  10. Gary Pfeil

    Gary Pfeil Active Member

    Here's another thought for you. Use two lengths of flex track, remove ties from about 22 1/2" from both. Slide one in half way across the bridge from one side, and the other from the other side. Don't worry about a rail joiner. Use CA to glue the abutting rail ends to the bridges tie or spike detail. You ought to be able to line up the rail ends just fine that way. Solder feed to the section of each piece of flex track that overhangs the ends of the bridges. You're all set!
  11. Connor

    Connor Member

    How about this.. I'm going to be using flex on either side of the bridges also, (not a full length either) So, cut 1 rail 9" longer on one side, cut the rail on the opsite side of the bridge, 9" longer, and use 36" flex to fill in. I.E. Stagger the joints..

    ..........<---------Bridge Length ------------>

    + Are the joints, --- is the flex track
  12. Gary Pfeil

    Gary Pfeil Active Member

    That would be fine but you don't need to cut the rail, just slide it.
  13. Connor

    Connor Member

    I'll have to cut the flex track to get it on my layout.. I have a 18" Radius, 1/3rd 18" radius and 6 1/4" straight section that I'm going to replace with flex track (on each side of the bridge) so, I'm going to use 3 pieces of flex track staggering the joints.. 1 each flex for replacing sections on each side of the track, and then 1 piece for the bridge itself.. with those 9" overlaps one on each side..

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