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  1. cabledog

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    Can anyone explain to me how to make realistic looking mud? I want something that looks like the cows have been tromping though it. I'm new at this so please speak idiotonese.

    Forgot to add...this is for the edge of a pond.
  2. jim currie

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    :wave: welcome to the gauge.mud at the edge of a pond would be dark i would use artist tube colors(cheepest ones you can get) to match the color of your earth then put a thin layer down and take a scale cow and stomp it around in the wet paint.
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  4. zedob

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    Only in MRRing would someone try to simulate this...

    Paint the muddy area blackish brown to simulate wet, uh..poop. After the base coats and the stomped mud has dried, paint the area with some artist gloss medium to give it that real wet look.

    Note; I haven't actually made mud this way, but I have seen the real stuff, even walked in it and have always wanted to simulate it for stockyards. These are just suggestions, YMMV.

    I'd really like to see your results.
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    Don't forget to add some Army colour dots around there too!
    Shortliner(Jack)away up here(with his head down!) in the Highlands

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