MT vs. Accumate Couplers

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by lock4244, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. nmtexman

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    Allthough I have Accumates on some of my cars, I prefer MicroTrains. Accumates have had several problems over the years, trip pins falling out, couplers just falling apart, etc. Under any real load, the couplers will come apart.

    To help solve that, I ACC the pocket shut on any new cars I buy with Accumates on them.

    However, there's still the problem of distance between cars to overcome. At this time, I don't believe there is a short shank Accumate coupler available.
  2. Cinnibar

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    I couldn't agree more. While the Accumates work O.K. on my shorter trains they are indeed yards apart when my ore cars are coupled together.:rolleyes:
  3. Chris333

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    I can't believe no one mentioned it yet, but the shank on the atlas couplers are waaaaaaaaaay to long and make a huge gap between cars. So on that alone I replaced them with MT and never got to the point of the face they fall apart.

    I body mount some and truck mount others, just depends on what is easy or whats on hand at the time.
  4. Chris333

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    OK I guess someone metioned it already :sleeping:
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    I agree. I run Ntrak and thus am prone to running longer trains than the typical home layout can support. I have found a problem with the Acumates in running long trains. They do not seem to be as strong as the Mt's. I had problems with unwanted uncouplings anytime two Accumate cars were coupled together. This occurred when the last part of the train was on a curve and the Accumate cars were ahead of the curve. The added drag caused by the curve seemed to be to much for the couplers to hold together. As a result I decided to stay with MT's solely.
  6. lock4244

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    I had my first Accumate related runaway today. Watched helplessly as 7 or 8 Intermountain cylindricals flew down the helix at what was probably a scale 150 mph. The pile-up wasn't that bad, but one CP car is going to the rip track for a re-glue of the etched walkway. Ironically, the car damaged was equipped with MT's. I have to admit, Accumates do indeed suck. I can imagine if it had been 30 cars... would have had some real damage.


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