MSZ-006 Z Gundam Mottarian version

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  1. 1Randyc

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    :pI have been actively posting on Korean paper craft site but since I am also around here, I will be sharing some of my works here too.

    For those of you wanting full size gundam model for free,

    check out and click date of 9/10 link for nice free version of MSZ-006 Z gundam.

    This model is pretty big about 43cm tall and the blueprint is for colored paper. For me, I have used 160g inkjet paper and colored the pages in appropriately. Assembling instruction is posted in his blog, if you look around. He also has provided simple assembling layout and step by step build photos for each section. The model's leg parts look bit over enlarged and yes it is but when everything comes together in the end it looks alright. If you do decide to make this, looking at the build instruction photos are must as there are some parts with tricky folds or some parts without fold lines. There are about 4 other MSZ-006 Z version(maybe more??) made by other people and this may be the weakest in the look department but still it is fine job by the designer.
    I am currently working on 2 other MSZ-006Z version and I will also share with you as the progress is made.

    Enough talk... here are some finished photos. Out of lazyness, I did very sloppy job of coloring finishing touch on edges with sharpi. I can also see one of the hand is about to fall off :p.







    Enjoy this cool model and make sure to thank the designer for his hard work!​
  2. cool wood

    cool wood New Member

    will the other MSZ-006Z available to download?
    your work look better than the original site...nice work.....
  3. zealousy

    zealousy Member

    Nice one there!
  4. tomfogo

    tomfogo Trying to be a designer

    very nice model!!!:thumb:
  5. Natious

    Natious New Member

    looks good, but i think his legs are way too big
  6. 1Randyc

    1Randyc New Member

    There is another free one released by Hide Japanese designer left side of the head featured on the left and the right one designed by Ette which is not free. Ette version is without a doubt the best but unfortunately it is only offered to Korean paper model site members The One piece's Paper Model cafe. I will share more information and photos as assembing of both models' make progressions.


    @Natious, Yes leg sizes are over the top but remember this model towers over 43cm long and at that size it would be preferable to have enlarged bottom to firmly stand on the ground without a hitch.
  7. Natious

    Natious New Member

    still looks cool tho, maybe you can help me, im looking for some normal size gundams to build, i dont really like the SD ones, can you point me in the right directing?
  8. ltla9000311

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    Hey guys, after looking at some of my Z Gundam reference books, the legs aren't that far out of scale. Zeta was designed that way, it looks fine to me. But then again, it always did look a little bottom heavy to me anyways.:mrgreen:
  9. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Nice looking model!
    But what really caught my eye is the quality of the photos! Great photography buddy!
  10. 1Randyc

    1Randyc New Member

    @Natious You may like MSZ-006 Hide version better.
    Thankfully the designer has that model out free for a time being recently.
    Go to and find the post date of 10/5 and you will see a link to download the model.
    Tamasoft pepakura gallery has some good full size Gundams to make. click the Gallery and click the Japanese user works(because there are more) and go to page 7 for 2types of Bombard Gundam, go to page10 for GUNDAM mk5 but for this you might as well go to English gallery page9 for full pdo file and on that same page there is a nice Hazel model.
    If you already don't have these then these will keep you busy for a while.

    @ThunderChild, thank you for your kind word. Photography is my other hobby and I strive to take decent photo if possible.

    For Hide version of MSZ-006, I am going to start that on another thread.
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