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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by BNSFC449W, Jul 24, 2002.

  1. BNSFC449W

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    Any of you guys know what the properties are for e-mail accounts from these two services?

    I am trying to set up a new account under MS Outlook, but I do not have this info.


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  2. Chessie

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    Who is your internet provider?
  3. BNSFC449W

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  4. Chessie

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    I did not notice the fact that you were asking about msn and hotmail I was thinking about your ISP has a pop3 setting. I am not sure about MSN's pop account settings but Hotmail is
  5. Woodie

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    not sure.


    I don't think you can do it that way round. Hotmail is a "different" type of email system. (HTML delivered). I know you can go into hotmail and get it to fetch email from other servers etc, but not sure of the other way round. It will be on the hotmail site, if it can be done.

    BTW. helpful hint. To get a screen image, press "printscreen" and this will put the screen image on the "clipboard". Go to an appropriate system (MS-PAint, photoshop etc, and click "paste" and it will put the image in there, for you to save, and/or distribute.
  6. BNSFC449W

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    I did it that way the first time, but I did not like what I saw. Thanks for trying.
  7. Sir_Prize

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    They both are Internet based services as far as I know. MSN does have the ability to be your ISP (Internet Service Provider). The settings are automatic to a point. Hotmail, I believe, is internet only. Meaning you must go to a website to see your e-mails. At Hotmails location; as others stated; direct the e-mails to your ISP-based account.
    If you have any user specific questions you can e-mail me. That way your info. is a little less open to the world. Besides PC Repair and support is what I do all day at work.:D

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