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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by CNWman, Jan 25, 2007.

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    I am a Scout in my area, and i like being one too. Only problem: THERE ARE NO RAILROADING MERIT BADGE COUNCLERS ANYWHERE NEAR ME:eek:!!!(suspense!)!!!! However, thanks to my ever- persistance and perserverance, a well known modeler in the Cincinnati area with the help of my Merit badge secretary may be a counsler soon! Isn't model Railroading Great?:D :D :D :thumb:
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    I live in Erlanger, KY. Are you going to the Johnny's Toys train fair this weekend? There's a location up north and one in Latonia, KY.

    Which model railroader are you talking about that lives in the Cincinnati area? Any link to his work?

    Good luck with your pursuit of merit badges.
  3. CNWman

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    The fair, maybe. didn't know there even was one goin to hapen:D The Railroader: John Listerman. These were the best pics I could find, and these were taken I don't know how long ago, just that the wood is green (painted) now

    these pics are okay, but you should see it in person!:D

    here's a quote by some mag i found:

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