MRC Synchro Sound Box Question

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by train1, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. train1

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    I picked up one of these units in my LHS today on a lark. He had one running with a steam diorama and it caught my 'ear.
    I bought the diesel unit - hooked it up as per instructions to my Control Master 20 and find it somewhat interesting enough. I am running DC analog.
    (My 8 year old winces and/or jumps whenever he hears the "coupling sound" particularly. Sounds like an auto wreck.) We ran an operating session together - each taking turns with the throttle and sound controls.

    So the question - The programming of the sound or synchronization of the acceleration or deceleration of loco speed is not explained well enough in the instructions to program. Anyone have one and can explain it to me. The steam version worked so well in the store.
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    I happened across this post while researching sound systems. This post from another forum may be helpful:
  3. train1

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    Thanks for reminding me about's been a while since I have turned on the power - and had forgotten I started this on TB. I updated the topic also to see if I could get a simpler fix.
  4. train1

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    In doesn't work as well in our N Scale as explained.

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