Moving to San Diego from Minnesota - Sell My Trains?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Rusty Spike, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. Railroader

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    And, just WHO has the first best climate in the world? :confused:

    It can't be on this planet!!!!! :D :cool:

    This was San Diego... last night...


    This is San Diego... today

  2. Rusty Spike

    Rusty Spike Member

    Oh by the way, I'm selling my current HO layout - in three rooms now, room to expand into another - just completed installing and ballisting an 8 track yard with 12 to 16 feet of storage on each rung of the ladder.

    I'm asking $200,000 and it comes with a hobby farm 2 miles from Mankato, Minnesota - 135 year old updated 1 1/2 story brick home - 3 BR, 1Bath, surrounded by lots of trees and very few, but great neighbors; 2 car detached garage, maple syrup shack, large timberframe barn with new roof, large machine shed and various other out buildings on 3.2 acres. Excellent school district. Goats, chickens and cats included - large gardens ready to harvest, zip line and various other "kid heaven" ammenities (tree swings, sand box, radio controlled race car track, etc.). Local hobby shop near by.

    Motivated seller. ;-)
  3. Railroader

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  4. Espeenut

    Espeenut Member

    ...hey, I'm with you, I'm a California native, born in the foggy bay area. Like I said, I'd drop anything and run fast if I had an opportunity to relocate to a waiting job in San Diego... for the comment on climatel, it was in a recent newspaper article, in the travel section, actually talking about San Diego, said its one of the nicest places on the planet to live. As for the 'first place' climate, its a place in the Caribean called Las Palmas, given the choice I would go for 'diego any contest!!

    Lorne Miller
  5. jkristia

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    I just love San Diego, go there just for the weekend 2-3 times a year, and if I lived there I would definitely become a member of one of the clubs in Balboa park.
  6. Railroader

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  7. Gavin171

    Gavin171 New Member

    I've been there

    OK the layout will have to go but not the trains .as i said before its a hobby for life good luck
  8. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    Want to feel sick? If that same propertay was 2 miles from San Diego, you could add at least one maybe two zeros between the 2 and the decimal! If it included an ocean view, I can't count that high!!
  9. Rusty Spike

    Rusty Spike Member

    Honest to goodness, I looked at a $200,000 run double-wide with crap strewn all about in a dusty, dirtly crappy neighborhood 20 miles outside of San Diego. I also looked at a $550,000 pre-fab! Great view but it was still a pre-fab.

    We'll be renting.
  10. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    I know. I always wanted to live in a $400,000.00 house; I just never dreamed it would be the house I live in now.
  11. Railroader

    Railroader New Member

    Rusty Spike...

    I don't know who your real estate agent is... but, I just did a very quick search on a MLS (Multiple Listing Sevice) web site... and found the following:

    [font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]MLS No. 048056318[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Listing 1 of 2[/size][/font]
    [font=Arial,Helvetica][size=+0]Single Family Home
    Located in CHULA VISTA

    3 Bed 2 Baths / 1212 Sq Ft[/size][/font][​IMG][/size][/font]
    [font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Garage/Parking[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Carport[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Pool/Spa/Hot Tub[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Community Community[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Year Built[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]1972[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Lot Size[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]435 Sq Ft[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Address[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]ADDRESS NOT SHOWN[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Boat Facilities[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Z[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Amenities[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Recreation Area[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Cooling[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Heat Pump(s)[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Exterior[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Stucco[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Floors[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Slab[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Assoc. Fee[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]$175[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Assoc. Dues Include[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Electricity[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Fees Paid Every[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Monthly[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Improvements[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Other Remarks[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Restrictions[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]1 Pet Allowed Size or Other Restrictions[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Patio[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Slab[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Roofing[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Composition[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Stories[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]2 Story[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Subdivsion[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]SWEETWATER[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Lot Description[/size][/font][font=Arial,Helvetica][size=-1]Level[/size][/font]

    I don't know the full particulars of your situation (location, house size, cost... etc.)... but, you can find something in the area that's nice for a reasonable (for San Diego) price.

    Just keep looking... and ask your agent to show you the MLS for all the San Diego areas that interest you!!!
  12. Rusty Spike

    Rusty Spike Member

    We're just back from two days of house hunting (to rent). We rented a 2-door convertable for $40/2 days and buzzed throughout Poway and Carlsbad. We settled on a house in Carlsbad a few miles from the beaches and very near a park and nature area. My wife is warming up to the move.

    There will be no room for trains but I may set up a little shop in the garage for weathering and structure building to keep things moving forward.

    Thanks for the encouragement and advice on this thread. Now I need to put lotion on my bald spot - lots of sun when the top is down all day!
  13. No room?

    I thought you were in N scale?
  14. Rusty Spike

    Rusty Spike Member

    No, HO, but I'm thinking maybe some N-scale stuff would be great.
  15. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    Were you able to check out the model railroad clubs at Balboa Park while there?
  16. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    Rusty, San Diego sounds fabulous. I would keep all my loco's and rollng stock, because you never know when you'll have room for them again. If the job is as good as you say it is, you may be looking to buy sooner than you think. Pack 'em up good, and if the kids ask why you get 3 bins to their one, just tell them you get 1 bin per decade lived!!

  17. Rusty Spike

    Rusty Spike Member

    We've been in SD for a year and a month or so now and finally the train bug has bitten me again. I'm looking at something I can put in the garage and and take down when necessary. I think I could fashion some "shelves" along the walls and some module type things and I can have trains running again!

    I did check out Balboa Park. Great layouts but the experience was lousy! I brought my twins with me for a day with dad. After viewing the railroad on a Sunday about noon, with no trains running and club members drinking coffee and jabbering, we exited to the book store/gift shop. My girls, age 5, sat down and looked at a few books - very calmly and respectfully (I was pleased). THe juy behind the counter gave me the look like "don't let your kids look at the books". I asked "what are you saying?" He said "you know, we can't sell those if kids look at them and bend the corners." I laughed, put back the $50 worth of train books I had picked out, asked my girls to put their books back as well, and then asked to have a refund of my annual membership which we paid upon entry to the exhibit w/o even seeing it or meeting anyone b/c I'm a big believer. The guy was nice enough to give me a refund on the membership and offered to refund the day pass fee. I gave that back as we did go through the exhibit but generally I couldn't believe it.

    I guess I would be happiest to find a small group of modelers that like to do operating sessions in the SD area - HO, modern diesel, once or twice a month. I have lots of power and cars that I could loan out. ???
  18. liven_letdie

    liven_letdie Member


    Glad things are going well for you. Dont let the SD experience bum you out. Sometimes the day, time, and people make all the difference. I know of a guy who has a layout as you describe but his layout has been down for sometime due to problems with getting DCC up and running. If i can dig up a contact name and number I will shoot you an email. I would be sure that there are people there that do round robin sessions though. Have you gone to the LHS's? Maybe leave a flyer asking to start something. If other people have had the same experience as you did there me be others ready to start something. Well, good luck, and if you ever come up to Nor Cal let me know.

    Cory in Turlock
  19. Ray Marinaccio

    Ray Marinaccio Active Member

    Hi Rusty,
    It took me about a year to get settled in after we moved to AZ. before I got seriously back into Model railroading.
    It took longer to find other modelers and a decent club. They're out there , it may take time to find them.
    A modular or sectional layout sounds like a good idea in the garage.
    I built my HO layout in sections as I plan to eventually move it out of the camper and into a larger building.
  20. DanRaitz

    DanRaitz Member


    When I lived in Escondido there was a modular club in the area. They called themselves "The North County Modular RR Club", they had both HO and N layouts. If you go over to the LHS in Escondido, Value Craft on El Norte Pkwy, and talk to Wayne Snyder he can fill you in on what they are doing now.


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