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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by DimitryGM, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. DimitryGM

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    Hi, all,

    I would like to make movies with my models (all Russian warships of the Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905 totaling 54 models). Many Russian ships perished in that war and almost the half of them in one Tsushima battle 27-28/05-1904.

    Here is a movies sample

    May be you work with some animation studios, it would be great if you could help me to find a producer.

    Sincerely yours,
  2. hpept

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    Great animation dimitry, but in my opinion it's missing water sprinkling and spraying while ship sinks. Really noticeable the effect of the moving waves with the ship reflected on the sea surface.
    Oh.. i was forgetting... welcome to the forum!!! :grin:
  3. DimitryGM

    DimitryGM New Member

    Thanks for the greeting,

    This animation is just a sketch. I would like to understand how my internal vision can be visualized. I was really oppressed by the results... :)

    Still I am willing to make a good product, that will be unprecedented from all points of view. In fact it's much easier to make a fiction alike Star Wars. Concerning the Tsushima Battle - there are many witnesses that only them make the task heavier.

    A good deal of work is done already - models are all built.
  4. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    The best bet is use simple objects like rectangular boxes for ships and 2D shapes for hits and so on. Then you can work out positions and timing with these stand-in objects. Dont be afraid to composite scenes instead of labouring to get all the effects rendered in one shot.

    May I ask what application you are using to render this animation in?
  5. DimitryGM

    DimitryGM New Member

    Dear Stev0. I really appreciate your advise. I almost got that particular idea, but not completely. You are quite right it's needed to get the understanding of the whole picture first.

    I divided it in several parts of visualization. The sketch that you have seen is, by the way, from another Tsushima battle that took place between 3 Russian armoured cruisers squadron and 4 armoured and 3 protected cruisers Japanese one. 1 Russian cruiser Ryurik was disabled by Japanese artillery and the crew scuttled it to avoid capturing.

    The part I am working on is about the perish of Russian battleship "Imperator Aleksandr III".
    Episode 1. The Russian squadron rearguard ships are covered by admiral Kamimura armoured cruisers squadron fire (5 sec)
    Episode 2. Japanese cruisers salvo (2 sec)
    Episode 3. The "A III" already damaged starts to turn from the Russian ships battle line towards Japanese cruisers squadron and takes on her all the Japanese fire. (16 sec)
    Episode 4. The "A III" continues turning. The camera shows Japanese squadron over her hull. (16 sec)

    Ep. 1 The camera is fixed.
    Ep. 4 The camera flies between water explosions.

    Are coming:
    The ship continuing up to her last moment of life to fight turned over the keel. Russian cruiser "Izumrud" tried to save the survived but was forced by Japanese cruisers fire to retire. The ship perished with all hands (900 seamen) nobody survived.

    Please, give me your suggestions how to make scenes more dramatical.

    I use Lightwave. 3D MAx is too expensive for me.
  6. Cap'n Dade

    Cap'n Dade New Member

  7. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    First thing you need to do is story board the whole thing.

    Think of the whole movie like a comic book. What key pictures you want to show would be the frames in your comic book-story board.

    On this website is a pdf of a storyboard format example.

    here is a storyboard of some action.

    [​IMG] more examples.

    Anyhow. Through the use of storyboards you can plan your key scenes, camera angles and show the action you need to show in a little of time as is required for the effect.

    Stephen Speilberg said 'creating a picture without storyboards is like standing on a live stage burning onehundred dollar bills.'


    Now shot examples.

    Best idea for shot examples is to look at existing works.

    Some ideas would be a sky shot displaying the whole battle area and all the ships taking part. This would be a difficult and time consuming scene if you do not make proper preparations. You should have low resolution, medium resolution and high resolution models for all of your shots based on camera distance. Rigging and portholes wont mean a thing to your sky shot if all you can see is a small hull blob and a white propeller wake from up high so a low re model would be easier to use here. Rust and rigging would feature well when you show a close up of a funnel snap and fall over on a high res model.

    Another interesting shot would be a shell camera. You would need to think of a camera as a gun round travelling through the air and into an enemy ship. This shot would be great to show a vital hit that one ship has given to another. It's very dramatic. A good effect here is to add some motion blur so that everything but the target's area is slightly blurred to appear more climatic.

    Camera shakes for explosions are a good dramatic effect.

    Again. Watch movies and pay attention to how the camera moves and it's distance from the scene. How long it stays there and so on.
  8. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    That in short... was awesome.

  9. DimitryGM

    DimitryGM New Member

    Dear Stev0.

    I got your recommendations.
    I am going to understand and eventually to make key frames pictures. And I would be much proud to have your comments on.

    Now I am leaving for my country house for the whole weekend, Internet is not available there. So I will submit my following ideas on Tuesday.

    Please have a glance on another part of the work.

    The idea of the episode - the ships starting to roll over still continues to fight. A cruiser approaches to help the sinking ship.
    Eventual shotcomings:
    - The cruisers goes too fast.
    - It seems to me that I need to choose another angled camera, the battleship very thik in reality seems to have too thin hull.

    Sincerely yours,
  10. DimitryGM

    DimitryGM New Member

    It is the good work. :)
  11. Cap'n Dade

    Cap'n Dade New Member

    Thanks for the kind words, guys! Now back to lurking... ;)
  12. DimitryGM

    DimitryGM New Member

    Dear Stev0

    I have done framing. Please have a glance.
    Your Download-Link:

    1-2. The squadron fights.
    3. The damaged battleship fights.
    4. The squadron fights.
    5. New enemy approaching and rear ships chose him as a target. Turrets move from star to port.
    6-7. The battleship starts moving towards new enemy.
    8-9. The battleship maneuvers towards the new enemy squadron to save rear ships.
    10. The last picture of the damaged battleship. Ship shots from the forward turret.
    11. The shooting is shown again. (Just several frames). That seems to help to make the scene more dramatic
    12. The cruiser is coming to assist the perishing battleship.
    13. The battleship rolls over.
    14. The cruiser tries to give an assistance to the perishing battleship.
    15. The cruiser is going away under extensive enemy fire.
    16-17. I suppose are clear.

    I also have rendered a movies to better understand what I can see.
    Your Download-Link:

    I really appreciate your recommendations. May be you will find any shortcomings or inconveniencies.
  13. DimitryGM

    DimitryGM New Member

    Good day to all present,
    Dear Stev0,

    I have finished the episode.
    Finished means that I have defined which ships I am willing to have in the camera viewport and trajectories of the ship movement relatively each other. Also I defined the order of all epsiodes and found how to link them and it seems to me that the way I did it gives some dramatic effect to the movies.

    I would like to ask you to make some comments. Please... :).

    Sincerely yours,

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