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    As I watched the movie Under Siege 2 (Dark Territory), I was amazed at the beauty of the model that was used in that movie. There was a program called "Movie Magic" that once had an episode of the making of the model train. I want to know if any of you guys know where can I find this episode or on what channel does "Movie Magic" appear cause I have been searching all over the net with no luck. If I can obtain a DVD of the show or find it on the net for downloading, even better. :thumb:
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    undersiege 2

    hi everbody

    first of all you cant you tell the difference between the real thing and the model railroad that they built for the movie , also the locomotives are ex alaska railroad geeps 18 or20's i forgot the original numbers , but the passenger cars were real too i found that made them they are from denver and i called the company and actually talked to someone who? but he told me only 2or 3 cars were actually finished and the rest were just shells , and i asked were the train was today he said warner bros has it stored some in los angles i dont know for sure just what i was told , and as for the loco 's they also did'nt know were they taken , i think they know more than they are willing to tell ,because if the loco's and the double deckers were moved somewhere some railfan would have seen them and taken a picture ,i think the train and locos are still in denver somewhere , , there basiclly the same cars that amtrak uses here in california but those cars used in undersiege 2 were not made by morrison knudsen or siems whick now makes and rebuilds amtrak cal cars in elk grove. since i cant remember the company name here's a hint they made the what i call the slug 2 of the same cabs on each end and half a passenger car in the middle it look just like penn gg1

    matt fisher

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